FilthieRich Meets Adrianne Curry – Round 3!

Remember the old game cheat starting with up, up, down, down, left, right? If you are working for NAMCO Bandai Games you have to know it pretty well, otherwise you won’t be able to make copies of important documents. Luckily, FilthieRich is there to help you!

9 Responses to FilthieRich Meets Adrianne Curry – Round 3!

  1. Diesel Son says:

    Wow hope all this leads too TTT2 at E3 next week

  2. Kaztrofy says:


    Doubt they’ll show TTT2 at this E3 since it’s a home consumer expo and no arcade games are shown there.

    And I also very much doubt they will have a console port ready yet when there is still months left before the arcade release.

    Namco said they would speed up the release window between arcade and console versions of Tekken but somehow I’m not convinced yet, my guess is that TTT2 comes out on new years eve in Japan and a console port next summer.

  3. VINH says:

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A start

  4. DeePhenom says:

    he think he’s slick.. he was definitely reading his lines out of that magazine lol

  5. ICEYOU says:

    Yeah thats KUNTnami code.

    • farhan says:

      don’t dis konami.
      they make the best games ever. MGS, silent hill, and they made a game called KenSei: Sacred Fist which was supposed to rape tekken over

  6. ICEYOU says:


    Harada said TTT2 machines will be at E3. But the main focus is SFxT and Blood Vengence.

  7. Kaztrofy says:


    That’s great news, must have missed that.

  8. masoftekken says:

    lol Contra code right there!

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