Ace R.

Ain’t no Nina like the one I got…

acer acer2

Name: Ace

Handle: Ace R., R. (Pronounced “R DOT” for you lames)

Favorite Food: Too many to list

Hobbies: Buyin Jordans and certain Nike SB’s, playing certain video games. Key word is certain people. I’m selective with my shit

Favorite Games: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, R.C. Pro Am, Gradius, Excite Bike, Tekken 2-5, Tekken Tag, MGS… There’s more but I can’t remember

Favorite Characters: Nina, Tekken 2 King (Word to Octopus hold!!!), Mishimas, Paul, Bryan, Lei

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: There’s a bunch but I’ll list a few. The first time I stepped into Southern Hills Golfland and learned what real Tekken is all about. The skill level was so crazy and I got my ass handed to me by Tekken legends like MIC, Shauno, Tomhilfiger (He 30 streaked me with king and hwoa but then he let me win. Good looks Tom lol) and Alex Valle. I had the hardest time winning a single round against the regulars too. But I loved every minute of it. SHGL was definitely the spot to test your skills in ANY game. And I really mean that. Capcom games were always poppin and there were mean ass scores for that Big Rig racing game lol. Tekken Tag days at Game Center (closest thing we had to Golfland since it closed at 2am and its where the best in SD played. Wattup Taz!!), Tekken 4 Plaza Bonita Days with Mark running a tourney every week, Running like crazy out the back entrance of Chula Vista Tilt cuz we were playing after hours and Ron’s boss was coming in, Cheering on Leo at Vegas for T4 Nationals, Placing 2nd at Norcal Regionals, riding the Amtrak with the homie JasOwn to EVO so we could play Tekken 5 and support the homies in the tourney, Loitering at the Namco booth at E3 for hours to watch the same damn Tekken 5 clip over and over and over and over again. I swear to god though with each viewing there was something new. No lie. There’s a lot more but that’s all for now

Goals: Rep SDT till I’m 183

Shout Outs: Just wanna say wattup to all the OG SDT heads that aren’t active anymore: Jowie and Jowie’s garage, Pointkismet, IceZero, Ron, Leang, Heng, The homie DopeJB and Cmixx. Peace and love to the Dojo. I’m out

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3 Responses to Ace R.

  1. leang says:

    whoa thanks for the shout ace. long time no see or what?

  2. gmbluedestiny says:

    You are good at SF HD

  3. Thanks for the perfect article! I’m not sure about everyone else, I can’t wait to skate my ass off once I get my <A href="

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