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Name: Jason

Handle: ConfuciusQ

Favorite Food: Chinese, Italian

Hobbies: bad movies, music, boxing, games, food

Favorite Games: TTT, RE4, God of War, Diablo II

Favorite Characters: Fatty?

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: when i was a little kid, the first time i saw a good Lei user in T3 at the arcade…that hooked me right there. Animal stances? Good gawd.

Goals: To have fun, learn some more characters

Shout-Outs: to SDT both old and new, glad to see the community is live and well……. and to the non-SDT that have made Tekken a fun (and humorous) experience beyond the game itself. That includes Tom Cruise, Jesus, “Internet Combo,” and many more…

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One Response to ConfuciusQ

  1. *disco* says:

    lol jesus and the internet combo. good times at family fun

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