Rhymes for days…

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Name: Jihad aka Hyde

Handle: Fog9

Favorite Food: white castle burgers

Hobbies: Smashing chicks

Favorite Games: RPG/Fighting

Favorite Characters: Roger jr

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: 2005 Comic-con placing top 5 and being accepted in SDT

Goals: smashing even more chicks

Shout-Outs: shout out to my homeboy “perfect shadow” lol

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12 Responses to Fog9

  1. QueenCees says:

    Smashing Chicks eh??? Interesting….Booooooooooooo to Mark for posting that! hehehe i kid i kid…or do I???

  2. Trevor says:

    Hahahahaha! Best hobby ever!

  3. […] the entries, SD TEKKEN rounded out the top five places. A big congratulations go out to our own, Fog9, for taking the […]

  4. Fog9 says:

    guess what…. i made 2ND CLASS BITCHES!!!!
    that means more money in my pockets!!!!

  5. Fog9 says:

    Just wanted to say im chilling in HAWAII after operation “killer satellite”. I been out the game for a minute, but thats life when you are on a navy vessel. Imma be going on deployment soon which means me missing out on tekken 6, Evo2008, and comic-con this year.

    When I return, my roger will still be the bizness!


  6. MarkMan says:

    Stay safe out there Fog9!

    Take care, hit us up when you return…

  7. Fog9 says:

    hey markman, can you do me a favor and DELETE my shoutout to queencees?? and can you change my goals now to smashing even more chicks lol. favorte games would be rpg/fighting much appreciated!

    hope t6 hits san diego SOON!!!

  8. MarkMan says:

    I got your back Fog9… just edited the page… let me know if you want something else edited.

    How are you doin’, where are you stationed at right now?

    T6 soon I hope!

  9. Fog9 says:

    Im still in “san diego” technically but right now im at sea. yall still having them sessions? i might be able to make an appearance before i actually dip. and jsut so you know, cant too many cats see me on mk2 online either.

    actually i will make a pitstop in japan so i will be hitting up a local arcade there while on deployment!

  10. Fog9 says:

    Heading to hongkong/korea/japan so hopefully i can find a arcade that has tekken6.

  11. xrulasekisx says:

    nice roger jr fight

    great tekken player

    hope you also play MK with kaillera
    ill probably see you around the servers if you do
    user : xrulasekisx

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