The Wandering Warrior

galen1 galen2

Name: Trevor

Handle: |Galen|

Favorite Food: Don’t really have a favorite, I just like food.

Hobbies: I enjoy a good party or two

Favorite Games: Tekken

Favorite Characters: Ling

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Having the opener for the Tekken Zaibatsu Community Project 2 video

Goals: To become a more consistant player.

Shout-Outs: All my homies down in SD!

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2 Responses to |Galen|

  1. enigmablak says:

    when you getting back boi …… ready to kick your ass again Ive been playing williams diggs-86 we a tie right now …..we played like right when I got back but now since I got back in the groove I think i have the edge on him….. I have the better combos though ……hahahahaha lol hit me up at jermell_taylor@yahoo.com man when you get back in …..I was at Tq but didnt see you unless you were on mainside….. I work with ITT now so im supposed to be going to afghanistan pretty soon…Kbr lost the contracts … but God bless dude …Oh yeah Im ready for any battles with ya friends anytime….

  2. enigmablak says:

    I saw that bullshit Galen!!!!!!!! We know who won that night!!!!!! But thouest shall returneth…..Devil Jin forever… All who shall oppose thyest crown shalleth be smacketh into hell….. yeah i come back in like January dude…. I’m in Shawali Kowt afghan right now

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