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Name: Adeleo, “Jay”

Handle: J-Flo/J~Flo.

Favorite Food: Chinese Food, Pho, Spring Rolls, and The Subway Club.

Hobbies: Reading, Video Games, and Writing.

Favorite Games: Earthbound, Final Fantasy, Valkyrie Profile, Street Fighter, Suikoden, and Tekken.

Favorite Characters: Jack 5, Lee, and Steve.

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Comic Con 2006: MarkMan sends me to give Dumadagger his pass so that he would be able to get into the game room. LeoC tags along and on the way we see a really cute Julia Chang cosplayer with some herb who was either a lame Paul Phoenix or Ken from Street Fighter the Movie. We asked for a picture, and she says “no” and her herby buddy dragged her away. Let’s just say that in the end, we spoke very badly of them after that =).

Shout-Outs: Just want to send out a shout out to all of SDT, and to the Tekken community. Let’s just all play Tekken and have some fun at Con and Evo~!

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