32) Kuma/Panda “he’ll always be ranked number 1 in my heart”

le0c1 le0c3 le0c2

Name: Leon

Handle: Le0 C.

Favorite Food: ice cream

Hobbies: making short film movies, playing the guitar

Favorite Games: shadow of the collosus

Favorite Characters: Panda, Steve, Kazuya

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Making top 8 at comic con tourny, then losing to masakun

Goals: become the best panda player =D

Shout-Outs: San Diego Tekken has brought the spark of competition i thought i lost, and it feels good that its back. SDT is the real shit.

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2 Responses to Le0C

  1. masakun says:

    Hahahahaha I feel honored that you mentioned me in your profile :)

  2. DEMONOLOGY83 says:

    Yo is this LEoC_USA on PSN? If so congrats on the top 10 this week. Peace

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