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Name: Masafumi

Handle: Masakun

Favorite Food: Too many to list here

Hobbies: Reading, gaming, playing music, driving the car, international politics, economics

Favorite Games: Tekken 5 DR, Phoenix Wright DS, Katamari Damacy, Dragon Quest series

Favorite Characters: Asuka Kazama in DR, Eddy Gordo back when he had the 1+2 sidestep and no air combos, the 2P P-Jack from Tekken 1 with the drill, and Tekken 2 P. Jack with the 80% throw into unblockable combo

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Going to SHGL for the first time when Tekken 3 was still out in the arcades

Goals: Get out of grad school with my wits intact

Shout-Outs: SDT, the Tekken Community in California, Tekken Zaibatsu!

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3 Responses to Masakun

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