The Chinese Connection

Picture 035 DSC02781 highscore04

Name: Harry

Handle: YangCEO

Favorite Food: Pho #18

Hobbies: Love that gaming, but unfortunately I work so much, I forget I own so many gaming systems.

Favorite Games: 3rd Strike, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Metal Gear Solid series, T5DR

Favorite Character: Bryan, Jin, Dragunov

Most Memorable Tekken moment: Practicing DR at the Dojo with Brookes in the back saying “I love you…hello?”

Goals: To able to play at subpar level with SDT

Shout Outs: High Score and SDT, holla back!

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One Response to YangCEO

  1. The Nigerian Champ says:

    Check it out Harry: http://www.ogrish.com

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