Elecom JC-AS01BK Arcade Stick

The Elecom JC-AS01BK Arcade Stick will work on both the PC and PS3. It has not been confirmed what types of parts will be used for the stick. One interesting note is that the stick will have the ability to program sets of moves/inputs and assign them to a certain button.

Additional Pictures: 

JC-AS01BK_31 JC-AS01BK_01 fig_ps3 fig_pc


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7 Responses to Elecom JC-AS01BK Arcade Stick

  1. Onegai James says:

    Programmable moves and inputs??? Hmmmm….I smell shenanigans.

  2. Call2Arms says:

    Damn. Thats a cheater stick. Shenanigans indeed.

  3. NGKrush says:

    Has anyone tested this stick yet, as it has previously been released?
    I really like the design, but am not sure about the quality as i have only played on higher quality hori sticks.

  4. Locolei says:

    I have recently purchased one of these sticks and can truly say that I am impressed, the stick itself is slightly looser than a Namco Arcade stick and reminds me of a Soul Calibur 2 stick in its handling. The macro function is limited to PC only so no shenanigans possible in that respect. None of the buttons act as a PS button so no changing of controllers possible. The buttons are where the stick falls the most however. They are ok but compared to the trusty Namco stick they are much less responsive. The ball top will start coming off if you dont superglue it to the metal rod, once that is done its great. I am currently only using this stick both online and offline and everything comes out on time and no lag from elecoms, I can warmly recommend this stick for everyone.


    Locolei67 (Euro Online #8) Dragon Lord

  5. Pogo85 says:

    Looks nice. but is it easy to mod?

  6. champ in training says:

    Can this still be purchased ?

    Do any of the other arcade sticks have the the ability to program sets of moves/inputs and assign them to a certain button ?

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