Just a quick reminder to all you joystick enthusiasts! Hori is releasing the Real Arcade Pro 3 SA (Sanwa) on the 20th of this month! (This time for sure! It was delayed in June!) Sadly, Hori Store stopped taking preorders for this stick and the only way you can preorder one now is through Play-Asia! If you’re interested in this high priced, yet high quality arcade stick investment, you can preorder it here:


24 Responses to HRAP3 SA SOON! (REALLY!)

  1. StridaJin says:

    Yo I’ll be in Tokyo on the 20th so i probably can pick up some more while im there. I won’t even be home when this hits my door.

  2. Edy says:


    japan is selling this stick at 10000yen+
    playasia sells it at $150..

    the only difference is the sanwa button. which you can configure yourself am i right?

    so why such big difference in price. makes me feel so reluctant buying it.

  3. StridaJin says:

    Limited Edition. And if you’re a stick collector it matters. I will find the Unicorn when I go to Tokyo

  4. Edy says:

    IMO, its pointless to collect. its meant to be used. i needed the best one to play tekken thats all.

    but the price difference for modification in sanwa buttons is $60

    thats almost double the price.

    i work in arcades. i have heaps of sanwa button to change. so it does not really justify the cost.

    add another $30 you can buy 2 HRAP3 stick rather than buying just one limited edition.

  5. Per says:

    We are taking preorders on these (we already called Hori long time ago and ask to preorder so no problem, we will see how many we get though).
    If you want to preorder just send an email.

    Price is:
    13490yen/pcs (about 117us$) (excl handlingfee (800yen/order) and shipping).

    We can also get any part from Sanwa and Seimitsu or whatever you need from Japan, just ask and we will do our best.


  6. Edy says:

    hmm… a cheaper alternative…nice one~

  7. MarkMan says:

    Yes, if you really want one! Go through Per! He’s in charge of Akihabara Shop (which is linked on our side panel -> there ) ! Nice to see you posting here TRNG!

  8. Per says:

    Hey :).

    Thank you for the kind words. We have emailed HORI and asked them if we can order more and if so how many. We ordered about 12 I think and people are emailing like crazy about this stick.

    And thanks for having me in the community links, I don`t deserve that ^_^.

  9. MarkMan says:

    In all honesty, Akihabara Shop and Per’s customer service has been the best joystick/button parts service I have ever dealt with.. so I think it’s only right that ppl know the deal. :)

  10. MLX says:

    How is this stick compared to the Sega Virtua Stick High Grade?
    I take it the difference between this and the regular HRAP3 are the Sanwa buttons?
    Does it make that much of a difference?
    I’m looking for my first arcade stick.
    Thank you.

  11. Edy says:

    AUD 180(stick) + UPS(59) = $239

    Akihabara store.

    AUD 138(stick) + AUD 101 (EMS+Handling Fee) = $239

    WHATS THE DIFFERENCE…OMG… tons of bullcrap.

    and i thought i found a cheaper alternative.

  12. Edy says:

    so…its already 26th now.
    did anyone buy it? how is it compared with the hrap3 version?

  13. Zero says:

    It got pushed back to Oct 2nd for some god unknown reason. I’ll let you everyone know how pretty it is when I get it.

  14. ukcentry says:

    Did it get delayed again? further than Oct 2nd I mean.

  15. Edy says:

    this stick is so limited its been discontinued. but reason why not told. >.<
    really wanted to get one..but the price doesnt justify.

  16. Edy says:

    delay? you mean the stick has not been released yet?

    i thought its 20th of sept?

    so is it coming out?

  17. Zero says:

    No, this stick STILL hasn’t shipped yet. I’ve sent many angry E-mails to Play-Asia and they said they have yet to recieve the shipment from Hori themselves so they that’s why they haven’t shipped it out yet. It’s taking for FUCKING ever.

  18. MarkMan says:

    This is Hori’s problem… NO one has one of these in Japan. Even people who ordered from Hori Store Japan directly.

    I have no idea what’s causing the hold up as I really want this stick as well.

    It’s not just Play-Asia that was affected, but also Akihabara Shop and other dealers who put up preorders for the stick.

    Hopefully Hori says something about this soon…

  19. Edy says:

    had enough waiting and got myself hrap3.

    should be satisfied enough.

  20. Zero says:

    Got another E-mail, my order was cancelled. This is pissing me off. I NEED a new stick and I want this one. Somebody get ahold of Hori and ask what’s up. I still want this stick but damn why do I have to wait so long?!

  21. […] know Hori promised a Real Arcade Pro 3 SA long ago before it eventually got scrapped… But this time they’ve announced a new SA […]

  22. Jimbo says:

    Well, I´m living in Japan, and also waiting for this xxx stick. Just beacuse I don´t wan´t to loose my guarranty by changing buttons of a HRAP3. Why did they get two buttons out?
    I don´t understand why they just don´t make it perfect.

  23. jace inurfuhace says:

    hex yeah i traveled in my time machine to 2011 and finally got one. for 95 bucks off amazon. the vlx was to big and clunky. going to my local tourneys with a vlx would look douche. the v3 sa is to light and i know the buttons can be changed but there in the wrong places. the hrap sa is sick…..goooooooiiiiiiiiing back to da past woooooosh

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