Tech Area

  Arcade Sticks – A comprehensive guide of the many kinds of arcade sticks out there that are suitable for Tekken. Everything from Hori to MAS & even a section describing the difference between Sanwa, Seimitsu and more…
Controllers – For those of you that choose the way of the pad, this area is filled with tons of information and a breakdown of each type of control pad.  
  Converters – With the arrival of the PS3 as the new console home for Tekken, it also brings up the notion of arcade stick/controller compatibility. How can I get my PS1 or PS2 arcade stick/controller to work on the PS3? Your answers lie here.
Games – SDT has been fortunate enough to play competitive Tekken for many years now…  

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16 thoughts on “Tech Area

  1. Hey does anyone know if Byrdo is still making sticks? Heard he’s 1 of the best for cool box types and custom graphics.

  2. Anyone here know if the PS2/PS3 converter works on PS3 firmware greater than 2.0?
    My old japanese gametech converter stopped working after that update, so i’m kinda skeptical.

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