EXAPRIZE USB Stick Announced For 2010!

The masterminds behind the original Japanese Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes arcade stick and the more recent King of Fighters XII arcade stick, Exar, announced today that they will be bringing out a PlayStation3  and PC compatible controller in Feb. 2010! It looks to be identical in build to the TVC/KOFXII sticks, so don’t get your hopes up! We’ll let everyone know when they are up for pre-order on Play-Asia! For more information check out the Tech Area page here.

14 Responses to EXAPRIZE USB Stick Announced For 2010!

  1. concretebody says:


  2. SilentDestroyerX180 says:

    will the stick in us ?

  3. MarkMan says:

    Currently slated for Japan only release. I don’t believe Exar has a US distributor.

  4. Cosmoslayer says:

    Soldered is a big no-no. :P

  5. PhantomJ says:

    Looks pretty crappy one way or another.

  6. BuddhaHeaD says:

    No matter what stick or pad you use…….
    Feng Wei can NOT be defeated.


  7. Hyruko says:

    Nice little stick, but how many people would use it.

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