Christmas Special: Knee VS Sun Chip!

Merry Christmas everyone! Special thanks to our friends LDMaxi and Timsozai for putting these awesome matches online!  These matches took place Christmas Eve at Green Arcade in South Korea! The God of Bryan, KNEE plays against the highest ranked player in Korea, SunChip (Ranked TEKKEN GOD)!  Click below for all the matches!

Cam Footage of Knee VS Sun Chip courtesy of LDMaxi

Direct Feed Capture by Timsozai:


80 Responses to Christmas Special: Knee VS Sun Chip!

  1. SD's SANTA says:


  2. SilentShadowX2 says:

    knee is back from the dead lol

  3. tekkenlover says:


  4. Blind Ghost says:

    WOW..Bryan, man, why dont they bring out the other 42 characters.

    i swear man every professional fight they stick to the same 4 or 5 guys, its so fucking boring right now.

    how about a leo fight , or zafina, or feng, or ling, or miguel, or bruce, i mean anyone other than.

    Steve, Bryan, Julia, Lili, Marduk , Eddy, And the Williams sisters. thats what every professional tekken player plays.

  5. MCPtz says:

    Professional? There isn’t enough money to be a professional tekken player.

    Bruce is a beast, Rain plays him, amongst many other players.

  6. jimmy says:

    blind ghost, shut up. just to let you know, they have done best of shit for each persons character before. you can find it on youtube, with knee vs shinz, and top leis battling, top kings, top fengs, ling battle ect.. there is much versatility within tekken. you obviously dont know what your ranting about.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      ok bitch since you knwo this how about you direct me to some vids then.

      not only that but if they were the best id like to see some of them win these tourneys

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Ill tell you why, cause the majority of these fuckers.

        look at it like a science, why dont they just play who they like ?? they only play for fucking frames man.

        i actually had hope that a dragunov player made it to fourth. if anything to me i think that guy is #1 in my book.

        cause he probably played someone he liked. and no fucking frame advantages.

        wheres the fucking fun in that ???

      • PhantomJ says:

        What are you bitching about? Maybe they have fun in playing for frame advantages.

  7. crazy skip says:

    tekken god vs the rightful owner


  8. Kernkraft99 says:

    Omg, looks like Knee pretty much destroyed sun chip.
    Nice to see korea has 1 of their monsters back on track

  9. Yoshimattsu says:

    Knee broke every throw!! Great Matches!!

  10. Jonman says:

    Wow, knee has pretty much adjusted to br. I thought sunchip would kick his ass, but knee proved me wrong. Here’s a merry xmas to old champs and vets!

  11. VenoM362 says:

    So Knee is back in the game huh? Knee let Sun Chip play Bryan King for a bit, but he just took his fucking crown back! Their Bryan’s customizations even looked alike.

    I’m just saying…

  12. friedricewithtekken says:

    your records wont do anything! show your skills!

  13. Di says:

    There are 5 parts total, check Timsozai’s Youtube channel for all of them:

  14. tekkenlover says:

    i was little affraid that knee got little rusty but after watching these vids, i know that he is just as good as he was before, and he will soon become a tekken god rank by the way he plays. yo markman, is knee participating in current tekken crash season?

  15. TCO-TheOne says:

    I luv SunChip,but man he went against Knee one of if not the best Bryan player of all time good matches though. I would love to see how Naps would do against him.

    • crazy skip says:

      against naps?

      no way… i dont think so…

      if chet can beat naps now.. then naps might not even have a chance anymore

      naps got owned by helpme and helpme is a great variety type player… if naps can beat helpme NOW then maybe… just maybe naps will stand a chance… *ahem* at least

  16. VenoM362 says:


    I’m just joking…I guess.

  17. kneefans says:

    tekkenlovers if im right ,knee will be joined the next tekken crash if there no accident.lets see :DDDDDDDDDD

  18. Call2Arms says:

    Blind Ghost dont know what he’s talking about. First off, the characters you mentioned that are “played by professionals” uhhh… I dont know about half of that. Also, the thing about Bryan is that to play him right, you HAVE to play on frames. If you dont know that taunt is +16 frames on hit, then Bryan is worthless cause you eliminated half his game. But obviously you dont know that. You probably get owned by kick mashing Eddy’s and tackling Marduks on the regular online think theyre “professional” lol.

    I’m done feeding the troll.

    • MarkMan says:

      IMO, Bryan without taunt is not useless, I wouldn’t say taunt application is ‘half his game.’ That is ridiculous.

      • Call2Arms says:

        Thats just my opinion :) Taunt for death on wall or… uhhh idk I use taunt? ehhh but since its on his movelist its got that good usage. If it wasnt he’d still be a good character. But again my opinion :P

      • crazy skip says:

        miguels got a taunt and its useless…

        i never use it unless i wana show up the guy

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Care to try me out Bitch ??? ill show you how noob i am Limp Dick. if you can talk that shit Back it up.

  19. Cosmoslayer says:

    Finally Bryan is back to its rightful place. :D

  20. crazy skip says:

    ghost is just trying to point out why is it always the major leagues and not the other characters? i mean yes, having knowledge about frames is great…

    hes just wishing to see other characters who aren’t played as much… there’s a lot of variety in tekken… but in most of the videos i’ve seen…

    bryan, law, leo, bob, ak, king, bruce, hwoa, and baek… the rest maybe 5 or 6 ive seen… im sure i missed some other characters but those are the characters i see most of the time…

    no need to bitch him up… hes just wanting to tell us something….

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Thanks bro.

      I play raven, but not evne saying they should play raven. i wanna see some of these pros play, Dragunov , Zafina, Leo , Bruce OMG Bruce is a Beast why hasn anyone been playing Bruce, some pro jin players, Kaz players , howarang players.

      all i hear evewry freaking tourny.

      So & so won a tourny who did he use oh Bryan, So & So won a tourny who did he use ?? oh STEVE.

      doesnt anyone play who they like anymore ??

      it geting to the point where i could give a rats ass how good some guy from Korea is, if hes using the Infamous 10 i dont want to see it. theres 37 other characters why cant they use them to win a tourny.

      soon enough that gonna be the SFIV crowds reason to say : the only ones u can use to win tournys are a handfull.

  21. YukioSumadera says:

    Didn’t a 3 man team with a female Ling player take second place or something at SBO 09? On top of that, didn’t that same female Ling player almost OCV Japan’s Team No Respect?

    At least this is according to Rip and Suiken who both traveled to Japan over the summer to participate in SBO.

  22. MarkMan says:

    Guys, I’m not on here all the time to moderate comments. But there is going to be a new public set of rules. Please keep from using any offensive or derogatory phrases (that applies to sex, religion, race, creed, etc.)…

    Bans will come hard and fast.

  23. tekkenlover says:

    why in the world are we talking about removing bryan’s taunt???? thats just stupid

  24. beedub321 says:

    36th!! yes and im with ghost on wanting to see pros play with new characters, getting tired of seeing the same matches played by different people

  25. wnsdurla says:

    10:4 !! knee(?) win

  26. SteveySteph says:

    This is awesome. Two great Bryan players going at it on the highest level of gameplay. This is what Tekken is about. I wish i could reach this level. My Bryan is barely on the intermediate level and i feel like im at a plateau. Maybe if i feed him more adobo….

  27. x-raze says:


  28. jimmy says:

    ghost, your a scrub and an idiot. i have never hated noobs so much. i blame street fighter 4. a crappy game, that brought in crappy players. go here.

    thats tekken gosu’s channel. you can find people playing at a top level with, lei, bruce, bryan, asuka, raven, roger, miguel, drag, jack, ect.. now shutup.

    • Blind Ghost says:


    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Jimmy, that’s my exact feelings about this scrub.

      Seriously, all he does is whining on SDTekken and harassing the posts. He’s also pretty imature, to the point of MarkMan closing a topic just because he went into a homophobic rant – also offtopic to the original post.

      He just has serious self-esteem issues – like the “OMAIGA FIRST!1!1” – he’s just not loved enough. But with that kind of attitude, he won’t get any love of us. Pretty sad for him.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        This coming from the Biggest Phagget on this site.
        just look at your screename…your my biggest fan…HOE !

  29. NYtekken says:

    i definetely agree with blind ghost although there is a lot of good dragunov, wang, miguel or zafina etc…. players but its really rare for them to win a tourney, most tourney are actually won by the mishimas, byan, william sisters etc… and he is right these characters have a lot of frame advantage

    im a dragunov player myself but i havent seen one win a tourney yet, at least not that i know of

    • Blind Ghost says:

      thanks man, but apparantly im wrong according to certain people here.

      i mean am i the only one that honestly is getting tired of these same characters winning tourneys ??

      i dont know how people are still entertained by this.

      UPDATE ! some bryan player somewhere in the world came in first place !! NO SHIT !!!.

      thats kinda like that other bryan player last year and that stve player beofre that, and that other bryan player before that.

      NAMCO needs to quit the Bullshit and give everybody equal ammounts of frames for hits. im tired of seeing these fucking head lines about the same 5 or 6 guys always winning tournaments.

      This isnt balanced, and everyone that was touting that T6 is the most balanced out of all tekkens is WROONG WROOONG WROOOOOOONG.

      Cause if that was the case..there wouldnt be so many repeated character wining tournys.

    • DrBhup666 says:

      It is true that some characters are over-represented on the top in every tournament.

      But recently chetchetty won a tournament with Paul.

      Not long ago Aries won a tournament with Dragunov.

      So it is possible to win with other characters. it is just not often done.

  30. jimmy says:


    recent indiana tournament

    1st – Syxx (Alisa, Asuka, Lili)
    2nd – Chrisnjdavis (Dragonuv, Marduk)
    3rd – Joe Panozzo (Asuka)

    va tourney

    Tekken 6:BR
    1. Ryry (Nina, Steve, Ganryu)
    2. Tom Brady (Bob)
    3. Sciolist (Kuma, Anna, Ganryu)

    tekken 6 nationals

    1st. Chetchetty (Paul)
    2nd. Mr. Naps (Bryan)
    3rd. Insanelee (Julia)
    4th. Aris (Drag)
    5th. Suiken (Lei)
    5th. Antonio (Julia)

    sbo 2009 tekken 6

    Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion 3v3 Tournament

    Top 4:

    Ojikusu (Bruce) / Fukusu (Lars) / Bakushi (Bryan) vs. Tissuemon (Marduk) / Nisshin (Alisa) / Buri (Bryan) – LCQ team
    Honda (Lili) / Junchan (Julia) / RAUM (Wang) vs. Kousuke (Heihachi) / Chokoyan (Bob) / 萬海王 (King)


    Tissuemon (Marduk) / Nisshin (Alisa) / Buri (Bryan) vs. Honda (Lili) / Junchan (Julia) / RAUM (Wang)

    Winner: Honda (Lili) / Junchan (Julia) / RAUM (Wang)

    there is tons of variety within tekken, and outside of who came in first, there are tons of high ranked players with characters outside of who you think. if you put in the ideal work in tekken, especially in america, you can go far with whoever you want in br. its easy for someone to be like, wang sucks, and really its just them who sucks. you have to put in the work.

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Hey Jimmy – do you have any vids on the va tourney? Seeing two Ganryu players on the finals is awesome, and poor Ganny don’t have too much footage. :(

      If you have any vids, please list them here – thank you.

  31. Blind Ghost says:

    are u trying to prove me right or wrong ??? cause ur doing a good jb of provng me right.

  32. Blind Ghost says:

    Drop what ?? listen , im gonna be who i am. im not gonna change, this isnt a kiddy site. cause lets face it the majority of TEKKEN players are between 18 & 30. i think they can handel a couple of curse words.

    The reason i like This site is because i can argue my point. without having to be politicaly correct, like i do in other sites.

    if you take that away from me then i have no reason to come here.

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Dear hoe;

      SDTekken – or any other site for the matter – may be directed towards teens, adults, whatever – but this doesn’t give you the right to curse or insult others. If you’re insulted back, you’re just gettin’ a taste of your own medicine. That’s why Jimmy’s comment wasn’t moderated.

      Even if you disagree with other people opinions or beliefs, you may give your point of view without being immature or act like a prick – or going off-topic for the matter. Like in the Manga post: which you went in a rampage against gay people in a long stretch of rants, just because of a UNRELATED comment of another person.

      I’m not too fond of Bryan either – he’s top tier for a great deal of reasons. And if people act like tier-whores (or just like Bryan himself and chose to play as him), who are you to judge them? If they’re having fun, playing Bryan or crap-tier Zafina, what this does matter to you? As long there is great gameplay footage to watch and learn, I’m happy.

      Sure, you pointed you desire to see vids of other characters – but you done it wrong. No wonder that most of people here don’t like you. Being respectful don’t hurt. But I think it’s too much for you anyway.

      Wanna be respect by others? Try acting respectful first. Otherwise, you’ll get banned forever on SDTekken for your childish behavior.


      • Blind Ghost says:

        they dont like me ??? uhh bro i have like 7 people from SD tekken that i play tekken with on a daily basis.

        and no im not hated, but you would like that. since “YOU !” hate me. i actually have a great deal of friends here.

        TCO, Venom, Crazy Skip, Beedub, Chemicalred,ICEYOU_cold, Concrete Body. to name a few.

        so no, im not hated. all you have is Chewbbaca.your both ell known around here by your tag team name


        as for me i just keep it real man, ive been playing tekken ever since i was 15, im very passionte ab out this game.

        and if the fight vids are saturated with bryan fighters or steve players or any of those select few characters, it gets kinda stale, thats all im saying.

        I have nothing agaisnt bryan, or williams sister or any character in tekken. i honestly just wanna see more variety in tourny winners.

      • BuddhaHeaD says:

        Blind Ghost and Blind Ghost’s Pimp you should not quarrel among yourselves. Instead you should enlighten each other for neither one of you can defeat BuddaHeaD’s Feng Wei.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        Ha ha hahaha ha ha ha hahhahahaha

        BuddhaHeaD had the best response.

        Tip of my hat to you BuddhaHeaD!

    • chemicalRed says:

      LOL, I love BuddhaHeaD’s comments.

  33. Blind Ghost says:

    how come you didnt edit jimmys coment that he made about me ?? how is that even remotly fair ??

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Wanna some variety about characters winning tourneys? Make a name for yourself then, instead of bitching lol

  34. MarkMan says:

    Locking this thread if it degrades any further.

    Blind Ghost, I see your point, but still, this is NOT a free speech section. If you are not fine with how things are run here you don’t have to post. Just saying.

    • VenoM362 says:

      You stealing VenoM362’s tags MarkMan? VenoM362 says “I’m just saying…”. Now I know you didn’t say “I’m just saying…” but it was mighty close.

      I’m just joking…

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Markman you know i frequent here several times a day. thsi is my favortie site. this site zaibatsu and kotaku are my most frequented site.

      of course i love posting here. Im hated every where else. ;P

      • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

        I do WONDER why you’re hated lol

        MarkMan, ban him ASAP – he’ll keep trowing hissyfits about everything and ruining any kind of adult discussion.

        He already had his chance – he’ll just keep acting like a prick anyway.

  35. TCO-TheOne says:

    I don’t think Blind Ghost is hated by everybody just some people,but hey it is what it is you can not be liked by everybody. If you think that then your wrong. I am cool with Blind Ghost and if anybody is doing any bans it’s not by us only MarkMan so nobody needs to go around saying people need to be ban ASAP.

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      There’s plenty of reasons to ban him for real – he even got suspended for a few days here. And his attitude is still the same. I vote for the ban.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        I VOTE THAT YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ! hows that ??

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Why am i even fighting with you. its useless, your calling me immature ?? witha your screename ?? Seriously ??

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

      • beedub321 says:

        i shall second that vote sir , but only if u pick up a third character . . . . . do it!!!

  36. BuddhaHeaD says:

    Cease this conflict at once!!! You all will never know nirvana!! Feng Wei will conquer you all.


  37. Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

    There’s more facts that you’re immature than the opposite lol – so, Blind Ghost – just stfu – for your own good.

  38. LaidoffLegend says:

    Staying within the confines of the rules here, i have don’t really have to agree with Blind Ghost, the numbers speak for themselves. Some characters do have more easily exploited advantages than others. This argument has gone on since the dawn of time.

    And with Tekken, i guess it’s more apparent and frustrating with the variety we’re presented with. Thousands of players are a bit downed that not everyone simply chooses and plays who they like regardless of advantage A or B, but will ride tiers and other scientific magic and shenanigans for more wins

    But we can all agree…at least this isn’t Street Fighter..HA!

  39. chemicalRed says:

    All i can say is “WOW”

  40. dem0neyes says:

    man I had fun reading this lol… Yo chemicalRed who do u main ;)

  41. Kneejunpyo says:

    finaly my idol is back haha sunchip’s days of being the best bryan in t6 is over the real owner of bryan is back! oh and those who rant about guys playing other characters who the he are you? to tell us who to play i play bryan cuase i friggin like the character! and this goes to blind ghost you immature fool don’t rant such nonsense things around here cause nobody friggin cares people clik this thread to watch knee vs sunchip you dumbimmature brat!

  42. nourdinlaw says:

    thanks sd tekken !

    KISS MY ASS about same chars etc. sell the game and play sf4 bitch !

  43. john says:

    Cant wait for tekken x street fighter.

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