TEKKEN CRASH is a South Korean TV show hosted by MBC GAME where teams of 3 battle for the title of the best, as well as for the cash prizes. In the 1st season the arcade version of Tekken 6 was played but since the 2nd season teams in TEKKEN CRASH play Bloodline Rebellion, which is the same as the Tekken 6 console version.

SDTEKKEN has gathered all the Bloodline Rebellion videos that have been posted in one place so that the TEKKEN fans wouldn’t have to spend a long time searching for a specific video. Enjoy this great MBC GAME’s show and follow our news to be updated with the latest TEKKEN CRASH information!

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  1. VenoM362 says:

    I can dig it, great idea SDTekken!
    VenoM362 bout to stop looking other places for Tekken news. SDTekken got the Tekken news on lock right now.

    …Keep doing what you doing

  2. schematic says:

    And so the tekken community grows and grows and grows. Like it should. I love this game. Thanks to tekken crash for helping to expand our base of fans even more.

  3. L_Z_N says:

    If you guys wanna watch the 1st season..
    and other Tekken vids from Jon747.

    I tried gathering and sorting all of them…but
    I still haven’t organized videos from season 3 onwards. IIRC

  4. Eggfooyung2go says:

    That great, I’ve always wanted to find a place that has the Tekken Crash videos consolidated. Thanks a lot SDtekken.

  5. Tysan says:

    Great Work!! I wanted to do this but never really started sorting them, awesome!

    Many thanks.

  6. […] get ready for the group phase coming later this month! Also do not forget to visit our newly-opened Tekken Crash Video Archive section for all the Bloodline Rebellion videos from the Korean […]

  7. retper says:

    nice one for the compilation!
    somebody now name the chicks in tekken crash haha

  8. Jinfan418 says:

    Thanks for posting the videos. The first 4 seasons of Tekken Crash were removed recently. Will you be able to upload them back on youtube? Keep up the great work. Take Care.

  9. […] you might have noticed, you can’t watch the old Tekken Crash videos in our ARCHIVE SECTION anymore. Why is that? Unfortunately, Jon747′s account has been suspended. His videos […]

  10. Deebo says:

    that sucks man but you know, you could get them of…
    well not to sound doggy, but you may be aware of that jin kazama guy from youtube who steals everyones videos, right? well I pretty sure he uploaded them and even gave them a download link. If worst comes to worst you could always what was rightfully yours, back anyway.

  11. Wonderful website you made here, great topic and it is definitely something many people want referring to Im sure a number of other people accept me, so continue posting! haha

  12. Wrocław says:

    I’ve read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create such a wonderful informative website.

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