Tekken Crash Season 3


Group A
Buddhas’ Guard, INFINITY, The Gunners, Rebirth In Paradise
Group B
The Divine, Triple Ace, Specialist, Top Players
Group C
Hot Issue, YosulGoteun Somshi, SUPER STAR, DCF Bimilbyungki
Group D
ToY, 일순천격, Axis of Evil, 용봉동 불야성

Quarter-Finals: Part 1
Quarter-Finals: Part 2


Royal Rumble

Tekken Crash Season 3 OST:
01 오프닝 The Used – Meant To Die
02 cg1 Surfact – All Night Overload
03 cg2 Scar Symmetry – Quantumleaper
04 cg3 Alice In Chains – Check My Brain
05 등장1 System Divide – The Apex Doctrine
06 등장2 Otep – sevas tra
07 경기전 Scar Symmetry – Holographic Universe
08 경기후 Scar Symmetry – Prism & Gate
09 시그널1 Nuclear Blast Record – In The Picture
10 시그널2 Blackened Blue – Worlds Collide
11 인터뷰 Bruxel – Trash of Future
12 클로징 Zebrahead – Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right But Three Rights Make A Left
크로스카운터 HammerFall – Hearts On Fire

2 Responses to Tekken Crash Season 3

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    SEASON 3 FIRST !!!!

  2. XelNaga says:

    Loved how they used scar symmetry. fucking amazing.

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