Welcome to the media page! We will be constantly updating this section so stay tuned for more vids! We do not update on weekends or holidays.

EVO2007 FINALS Media (Updated 10/01/07)

EVOWEST 2007 Match Vids (Updated 08/03/07)

ELECTRIC CANCEL 6.5 Match Vids (Updated 07/16/07)

ELECTRIC CANCEL 6 Match Vids (Updated 06/15/07)

SD TEKKEN – Misc Vids (Updated 04/06/07)

SD TEKKEN – Match of the Week (Updated 01/14/08)

SD TEKKEN – Tekken Clip Of The Day (Updated 08/11/08)

SD TEKKEN – Match Vid Library (Updated 02/23/07)

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8 Responses to Media

  1. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Where’s the vids?

  2. bonbon says:

    Who knows?! :)

  3. Junior says:

    Someone know something about internet radio with tekken tournament’s relation’s or something like this?

  4. Pantera says:

    can you buy data cards online?

  5. Fidel Kastro says:

    Recording video:

    Alda Singers

    at placed:
    Televisions on air

    Fidel Kastro

  6. Very nice information.

  7. SHAHID says:


  8. EC6 YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I had been looking for those videos!

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