Electric Cancel 6.5 Media

Special thanks to RoyalFlush for capturing some of the matches. These are a mix between singles, team, casual, and money matches:

1. Ron618 (Hwoarang) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

2. AvengerSK (Xiaoyu) vs. g0tsoymilk? (Yoshimitsu)

4. JustFrameJames (Law) vs. Aris (Dragunov)

5. YoungManRiver (Bruce) vs. RoyalFlush (Jin)

6. YIMACHINE (Asuka) vs. chetchetty (Paul)

7. LeoC (Panda, Jack-5) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

8. Venom (Feng Wei) vs. Devil X (Bryan)

9. Venom (Eddy) vs. Devil X (Bryan)

10. Arario (King) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

11. Cynnik, Sakurairo vs. JustFrameJames

12. tensaikun (Anna) vs. Jan, Stan, YIMACHINE (Asuka)

13. Calsonic, SAM, Suiken vs. Nerenatwah, gots0ymilk?

14. SouthAfricanMitsu vs. matrixmatt, Juggernaut, RoyalFlush

15. matrixmatt, Juggernaut vs. AvengerSK, Sakurairo

16. Sakurairo (Hwoarang) vs. RoyalFlush (Jin)

17. SuikenUser (Lei) vs. fast_hands CODY (Ganryu)

18. SuikenUser, SouthAfricanMitsu vs. n8nmonster, tensaikun

19. mayo (Yoshimitsu) vs. bobino (Wang)

20. Arario (Jack-5, Bruce, Ganryu) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

21. Arario (King) vs. SuikenUser (Lei, Dragunov)

22. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

23. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

24. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

25. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SuikenUser (Lei)

26. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. Juggernaut (Jack-5)

27. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. Juggernaut (Jack-5)

28. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. Juggernaut (Jack-5)

29. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SouthAfricanMitsu (Yoshi)

30. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SouthAfricanMitsu (Yoshi)

31. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu) vs. SouthAfricanMitsu (Yoshi)

32. RoyalFlush (Jin) vs. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu)

33. RoyalFlush (Jin) vs. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu)

34. JMS (Xiaoyu) vs. fast_hands Cody (Ganryu)

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2 Responses to Electric Cancel 6.5 Media

  1. hi
    how r u.

    how can you make juggles& combos $ VS matches video

    plz tell me.



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