Electric Cancel 6.5 Results

Electric Cancel 6.5 took place at the Brens Event Center at UC Irvine this past weekend on the lucky day of 7/7/7 (Also 20th Anniversary of Metal Gear!). Josh “Arario” Park took 1st in Singles Tourney while U.S. SBO representatives Team [MATE] took 1st in the Team Tourney! Click below for more details, results, and media from the tournament!


1st – Arario (Jack-5, King)

2nd – SuikenUser (Lei)

3rd – JMS (Xiaoyu)

4th – Le0C (Panda)

T 5th – bobino (Wang)

T 5th – FilthyRich (Heihachi)

T 7th – JustFrameJames (Law)

T 7th – gots0ymilk (Yoshimitsu)

T 9th – KaNE(Devil Jin)

T 9th – chetchetty (Paul)

T 9th – fast_handsCODY (Ganryu)

T 9th – mayo (Yoshimitsu)


NOTE: Red names on Singles Bracket = Names signed up early but didn’t show up in time for their matches.


1st – MYK/Chet/Kane – Team [MATE] (Steve, Paul, DJ)

2nd – YMR/JMS/JustFrameJames (Bruce, Xiaoyu, Law)

3rd – TENSAIKUN/FastHandsCody/n8 (Anna, Ganryu, Lei)

4th – BOBINO/Ron-619/Blake (Wang, Hwoarang, Feng)

T 5th – SAM/SuikenUser/Calsonic (Yoshimitsu, Lei, Xiaoyu)

T 5th – DARIZAT/Tim/Mayo (Xiaoyu, Steve, Yoshimitsu)

T 7th – LEOC/GotSoy/Neranetwah (Panda, Yoshi, Nina)

T 7th – AVENGER/Saku/Cynnik (Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Bryan)

T 9th – VENOM/Rickstah/Rip (Feng, Ganryu, Law)

T 9th – ARARIO/Filthy/DevilX (Jack-5, Heihachi, Bryan)

T 9th – STAN/Jan/StevenYi (Asuka, Asuka, Asuka)

T 9th – ROYAL/MatrixMatt/Juggernaut (Jin, Asuka, Jack-5)



Here are some photos from EC 6.5! You can see more pictures from past events in our SDT GALLERY !

  July 2007 – Electric Cancel 6.5 Tournament at UC Irvine

Thanks to RoyalFlush here are some match vids from EC 6.5!


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  1. […] Electric Cancel 6.5 Results [image] Electric Cancel 6.5 took place at the Brens Event Center at UC Irvine this past weekend on the lucky day of […] […]

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