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SD TEKKEN – Dark Resurrection Vol. 1 (2006)

SD TEKKEN – Dark Resurrection Vol. 1 was a joint project done by the SD TEKKEN community in July of 2006. With the aid of resources such as Tekken Zaibatsu and Arcadia Magazine we were able to put this together. Special thanks to qbert3 and Masakun for video capturing and editing… and finally thank you to all in SDT who helped contribute!

Coming Soon:
SD TEKKEN – Tekken 4 Vol. 1 (March 2002)

SD TEKKEN Walks To SVGL (2005)
Afam’s Jack-5 Combo Vid 1 (2005)
Afam’s Jack-5 Combo Vid 2 (2006)
FilthyRich Highlight Video (2006)
n8nmonster HoHo/Haha/Silent Step Vid (2007)
n8nmonster Lei Haha Vid (2007)
n8nmonster Lei Haha Tutorial Vid (2007)

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5 Responses to SD TEKKEN Videos

  1. MJ says:

    if you have a wmv/mpg of DR Vol.1 we can host it for you!

  2. JoNaThaN says:

    tekken (L)

    lo mejorrr netaa ke siiiiiii

  3. J says:

    WOW! Bryan murdered Dragonuv!

  4. KaZaMa says:

    The end scene with Bryan Fury It’s so fu**ing CooL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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