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August 15, 2008 – ATTENTION, the Clip of the Day section will not be updated for various reasons.  Recently our YouTube account was suspended and we are trying our best to get the suspension lifted.  Until then there will be no updates to this section – SDTEKKEN Staff

08/11/08 – T6: Miguel vs Kazuya

Tekken 6 tournament match from 3v3 battle, courtesy NVJ.

Coming Soon:

08/12/08 – T6: Miguel vs Bob
08/13/08 – T6: Lei vs Bryan
08/14/08 – T6: Migeul vs Kazuya
08/15/08 – T6: Eddy vs Miguel

08/18/08 – T6: Eddy vs Steve
08/19/08 – T6: Kazuya vs Bob
08/20/08 – T6: Asuka vs Lei
08/21/08 – T6: Zafina vs Jack-6
08/22/08 – T6: Asuka vs Miguel

08/25/08 – T6: Eddy vs Feng
08/26/08 – T6: Eddy vs Roger Jr.
08/27/08 – T6: Kazuya vs Law
08/28/08 – T6: Bryan vs Kazuya
08/29/08 – T6: Bryan vs Law


08/08/08 – T6: Miguel vs Law
08/07/08 – T6: Miguel vs Bryan
08/06/08 – T6: Miguel vs Anna
08/05/08 – T6: Jack-6 vs Anna
08/04/08 – T6: Hwoarang vs Heihachi
08/01/08 – T6: Bob vs Nina

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22 Responses to Clip Of The Day

  1. Ace R. says:

    *Patienly waits for Jordan aka Jang Iksu vids*

  2. Xiao-Fury says:

    That was great. I never saw good T4 fights like that.

  3. hamstar says:

    raijin isnt as godly as I remember him in that infamous video…still his lee was pretty good. He fucked around too much though.

    Thanks markman for putting t4 matches up.

  4. Hwozuya says:

    I love those old MDJ kazuya and hwo movies MORE MORE !! :>

  5. Millionz says:

    omg….Ace’s wall pressure is so amazing

  6. Codizzel says:

    wow 58 wins

  7. Ardul says:

    Good Job, guys!!

  8. JT the Ninja says:

    um…that’s Kazuya, not DJ, if I’m not mistaken.

  9. Ninja says:

    (Regarding 06/22/07 – T5DR: Kill vs Zekusu) Kill’s pressure game is a thing of beauty. It takes some serious skill to shut down a good Kaz player, and that couldn’t be more evident in these matches. It’s always a pleasure to see Xiaoyu played to her full potential.

  10. LEE says:

    i can beat Korea’s top Tekken 5 players in a slash

  11. Tenshimitsu says:

    Please go to:

    I have an urgent question in comments there… help! ^^

  12. Omer says:

    200won should be named “The Promotion Chance Stopper”.

  13. Omer says:

    Otokonoko fcking rules!

  14. chet says:

    oh shit heihachi got t1 bounce juggles

  15. Omer says:

    I wonder whats the track playing at the “Misc: CCC #2” at the last 2 minutes, the track was awesome, same for the combos.
    Also, i thought of some of the combos in “Misc: CCC #1” myself, its ncie to see pros use them too.

  16. RoyalFlush says:

    That is one hot battle.

  17. JUN KAZAMA says:

    Like it. PS3 Tekken 6 in New Character Leo, Miguel, Zafina, Bob
    And Azazel. need Mokujin & Kunimitsu

  18. Malcx100 says:

    Miguel is cazzy in TEKKEN 6

  19. heihachi says:

    omg that bounce system sucks…

  20. king_ruckus says:

    I like that Ling in the T6 Ling vs. Kazuya vid.

  21. a great man says:

    Where are all new videos???

  22. Sunstyle says:

    possible to get some roger films up?

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