Tekken Crash Season 2


Round 1

Group A
Triple.V, Unlimited Express, The Triumph, Thunder Chicken Returns
Group B
Judgment, Sang-Gu-Dae-Zang, Ke-Ke-Ru-Ya, Deu-Hwa-Baek
Group C
Specialist, SUPERSTAR, Anyong Friends, Pa-Juk-Ji-Se
Group D
Axis Of Evil, Hasu Club, BOW, Left Wing and Right Wing

Round 2

Group A
Thunder Chicken Returns, Anyong Friends, Judgment, Left Wing and Right Wing
Group B
Specialist, The Triumph, Axis Of Evil, Sang-Gu-Dae-Zang

Grand Finals

Royal Rumble

Tekken Crash Season 2 OST:
01 Papa Roach [Metamorphosis] 02 – Change Or Die
02 samael-black_hole_(verso_mix)
03 We Were Gentlemen – The Insomniac
04 Stareblind -stareblind-hollow
05 We Were Gentlemen – Deep Blue
06 Samael -virtual_war
07 Hard box – the chic
08 Samael -dark_side
09 samael -black_hole
10 Stareblind-shelter
11 Papa Roach [Metamorphosis] 05 – Lifeline

One Response to Tekken Crash Season 2

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    SEASON 2 FIRST !!!!

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