Tekken Crash Season 4


Group A
SUPER STAR, Specialist, Resurrection, Unbelievable

Group B
I love father, AMAZING, Why Works, The Predator

Group C
INFINITY, Pepper, Triple Ace, 마 녀삼총사

Group D
cadenza, 안녕 친구들, No Manner, The Genesis

Top 8 Group A

Top 8 Group B



11 Responses to Tekken Crash Season 4

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    SEASON 4 FIRST !!!


  2. Fredrik_swe says:

    I think its brilliant that a section for crash has been added .

    Does anyone know when the next matches are uploaded ?

    • Di says:

      They’re already at Nico but I’m waiting until jon747 uploads them.
      Unfortunately the group phase is delayed from what I know and will be aired in April.

  3. ryan says:

    this is wot im talking tekken the pure fighting game of all time americans are going to fuck up on tekken when their boring cheap ssf4 comes out haha wot a sad story

  4. MajinDLX says:

    마 녀삼총사 – how the f*ck do I spell this?:) Cuz that’s the team I wanna be in^^ Dual Alisas FTW!

  5. […] cadenza, 안녕 친구들, No Manner and The Genesis teams in the rest of the entry and visit our Tekken Crash Season 4 Video Archive for all the matches of the ongoing […]

  6. Gamaran says:

    hey the videos for the other group matches are on youtube already, why dont you upload them?

  7. asif9playboy says:

    where is crazy team video
    maddogjin team at season 4

  8. snuffkin says:

    i hope we get the soundtrack listing also thanx

  9. guice says:

    Aaaand, it’s gone :(

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