Tekken Crash Season 4


Group A
SUPER STAR, Specialist, Resurrection, Unbelievable

Group B
I love father, AMAZING, Why Works, The Predator

Group C
INFINITY, Pepper, Triple Ace, 마 녀삼총사

Group D
cadenza, 안녕 친구들, No Manner, The Genesis

Top 8 Group A

Top 8 Group B




11 thoughts on “Tekken Crash Season 4

  1. I think its brilliant that a section for crash has been added .

    Does anyone know when the next matches are uploaded ?

    1. They’re already at Nico but I’m waiting until jon747 uploads them.
      Unfortunately the group phase is delayed from what I know and will be aired in April.

  2. this is wot im talking tekken the pure fighting game of all time americans are going to fuck up on tekken when their boring cheap ssf4 comes out haha wot a sad story

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