Tekken Crash Semi-Finals!

Jon747 has uploaded semi-final videos of Tekken Crash 4th season! We’re one day away from the Grand Finals so check out how the top 4 teams including Resurrection, The Pradator, Specialist and 마녀삼총사 are doing!


16 thoughts on “Tekken Crash Semi-Finals!

  1. Pardon the question, i’m not so familiar with the rules but why did holeman finish the set in the Predator vs Resurrection vid 2?

  2. Those were great matches and that KUMA is the best i have seen so far Specialist is doing there thing they should be in the finals.

  3. VenoM362 wants to give a shout out to Knee and Holeman for whooping Bob’s punk ass.

    Question: How come the black ki or smoke aura everyone was rocking in these videos not on the console version? Come on Namco,give us an update to Tekken 6 and fix all this BS thats wrong with Tekken 6 on console. VenoM362 really hopes that survey he did three days after Tekken 6’s console release wasn’t a waste of his time.

    I’m just saying…

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