POLL: Interested In A Hori RAP Premium VLX?

Interested in the new Hori RAP Premium VLX Arcade Fighting Stick for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Hori wants your feedback! Preorders will open at E3 2010 (June 15-17, 2010) and quantities will be extremely limited! Stay tuned to the official US Hori online store for more information on preordering these sticks when E3 hits mid-June! If you’re interested, please answer our poll we have set up below and leave comments! Click below to participate!

POLL: Want the new Hori Real Arcade PRO Premium VLX?


13 Responses to POLL: Interested In A Hori RAP Premium VLX?

  1. Ever calix says:

    man i wish i can buy one though but i have no money im saving up for a new laptop for college so its sad i wont be able to get one.but im trying to get a fight stick for i can put my on tamplate but i want to add a dragunov template i dont know if that goes against the copyright because its for me only and dragunov is my main and big fan of him because he is a bad ass and may be evil with his children LOL. wonder how dragunov will treat his wife if he had one LOL

  2. MarkMan says:

    I’m thinking it will retail for $299.99. That’s just my guess though.

  3. Mark says:

    Mad Catz on the Twitter says something big is coming up. I’ll wait to see what they have to offer first.

  4. RT @SDTEKKEN: Hori USA Needs YOUR HELP! -…

  5. DrBhup666 says:

    So, will this be available to Europe also? I live in Norway and I will get it if they ship it there!


  6. d3v says:

    As awesome as this thing is, I really wish they’d make more HRAP.V3/VXs and actually brought those out to the US.

  7. SolRahlX says:

    That stick would be AWESOME to dual mod.

  8. ppr_kut182.fC says:

    I have to agree with d3v, this stick is nice and all and its great to see hori releasing sticks to the US (Finally) but for me personally I would of liked to see the HRAP V3 come to the states. It would be cool to get a US version only like what hori did with the HRAP V3 Amazon JP version.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Most I can justify’s $300. Curious what Madcatz new design will be…

  10. VS Romero says:

    If it’s $300, I’ll get it.

  11. tony says:

    $300 seems steep but is the MAX i would pay

    I loved the Vewlix design espcially bc of teh fond memories of Tokyo arcades

    Just needs a coin slot and an ashtray!

  12. VS Romero says:

    Also, this says that pre-orders will open AT E3. Does that mean the Hori website will start taking orders during E3, or does one need to be present to pre-order one?
    Unfortunately, I can’t make it to what looks like the best E3 in history so far.

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