POLL: Interested In A Hori RAP Premium VLX?

Interested in the new Hori RAP Premium VLX Arcade Fighting Stick for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Hori wants your feedback! Preorders will open at E3 2010 (June 15-17, 2010) and quantities will be extremely limited! Stay tuned to the official US Hori online store for more information on preordering these sticks when E3 hits mid-June! If you’re interested, please answer our poll we have set up below and leave comments! Click below to participate!

POLL: Want the new Hori Real Arcade PRO Premium VLX?


13 thoughts on “POLL: Interested In A Hori RAP Premium VLX?

  1. man i wish i can buy one though but i have no money im saving up for a new laptop for college so its sad i wont be able to get one.but im trying to get a fight stick for i can put my on tamplate but i want to add a dragunov template i dont know if that goes against the copyright because its for me only and dragunov is my main and big fan of him because he is a bad ass and may be evil with his children LOL. wonder how dragunov will treat his wife if he had one LOL

  2. So, will this be available to Europe also? I live in Norway and I will get it if they ship it there!


  3. As awesome as this thing is, I really wish they’d make more HRAP.V3/VXs and actually brought those out to the US.

  4. I have to agree with d3v, this stick is nice and all and its great to see hori releasing sticks to the US (Finally) but for me personally I would of liked to see the HRAP V3 come to the states. It would be cool to get a US version only like what hori did with the HRAP V3 Amazon JP version.

  5. $300 seems steep but is the MAX i would pay

    I loved the Vewlix design espcially bc of teh fond memories of Tokyo arcades

    Just needs a coin slot and an ashtray!

  6. Also, this says that pre-orders will open AT E3. Does that mean the Hori website will start taking orders during E3, or does one need to be present to pre-order one?
    Unfortunately, I can’t make it to what looks like the best E3 in history so far.

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