ULTRAJUMPEGG has put up the ninth volume of their ongoing TEKKEN COMIC! Check it out after clicking below!

*NOTE: Don’t forget to allow pop-ups in order to view the comic from the site, and clicking on the American flag to view the comic in English.


12 thoughts on “TEKKEN MANGA VOL. 9!

  1. My Xaioyu!

    I wanted to see that Lili vs Nina fight,it was getting good. Oh well, lol at what Xaioyu made Panda do to Nina and Nina’s comment after it. Just one thing, why they make Xaioyu look like a twelve year old?

    I’m just saying…

  2. I wish they’d make an anime out of this manga material they got already.

    nitpicks (WARNING SPOILERS):

    devil kaz has a tail, yet they didnt draw it in.

    panda is too strong for leo and nina to handle?

    eddy’s ribs are broken after asuka’s double palm hit?

  3. I’ve ripped ch’s 1, 8 + 9 — you can find them on 4chan’s /rs/ board.

    No idea on ch’s 2-7 though.

    1. Okay, chapter 8 is what I need. The rest, if you find ’em, tell me.

      (Man, I wish someone would pick this up for an official US release so I can buy it.)

      1. I actually found that #2, 4, 5 + 6 have been posted on e-hentai, but whoever took those ‘caps was a fool — they’re really low-res.

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