TEKKEN MANGA….In English!!

ULTRAJUMPEGG has put up the first two volumes of their TEKKEN COMIC… and they’re in English too! Just click on the American Flag for the English translations to show up.  Check ’em out after clicking below.  Don’t forget to read from RIGHT to LEFT when flipping through the pages.

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62 thoughts on “TEKKEN MANGA….In English!!

  1. Wow! Amazing find! Any idea if this Manga will be getting published in the US anytime? Or is this just an online thing for the game’s promotion?

    Eitherway, I’m actually pretty impressed with the art style and narration. Can’t wait for more! :D

  2. this is what im talking about.

    The diffrence between japan and the U.S

    so much fucking care goes into thier work.

    For fucking Penny arcade i have to wait a month for them to publish 1 fucking page.

    Japan already Published 2 FULL ! fucking mangas for tekken.

    it will always be

    Japan—-> U.S when it comes to products.

    1. My hoe don’t know how complain without swear lol – such a childish kid. :(

      Bitching won’t change anything, sister.

    2. yeah but…

      Japan —> US —> Europe…

      and then again I have to wait waaaayyyy longer as countries like germany, france, england, italy, spain and shit

  3. Great find guys, Best site Ever !

    Keep Up the hard work.

    Its Shit like this that will keep me coming after the

    game comes out.

  4. Man this manga fills in so many Plot holes, so awsome.

    tekken could very well be the first fighter that has a very solid story.

  5. VenoM362 likes it! Adds even more to the already deep story of Tekken. Xiaoyu as a reporter,lol. Oh, it figures Paul does the deathfist and fight is over with one punch from his punkass!, thats way I have no respect for that mob-ass bitch! Where’s Bryan to put a bullet in Paul’s skull? Ah man, two of my girls are about to fight.

    BTW, when did Asuka get such wonderful titties!? LOL!
    I’m just asking…

  6. Pretty cool…so is this like official fanfiction? Doesn’t seem like it would be canon, but says it’s written with Namco’s approval/supervision.

  7. Just found about this recently and read the first one, but I can’t read the second! The only two choices are the 1st and the 9th! Anyone know how to read 2 – 8?

    Great Manga BTW!! I main Asuka, so I’m lovin’ it!

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  9. ok i can’t wait to see the NEXT BATTLE !! i really wanna see how its gonna be with Jin Kazama VS Asuka Kazama. my Fav char Asuka ^_^

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