CONTEST: SDTEKKEN And Play-Asia Celebrate TEKKEN 6!

TEKKEN 6 is here!  You know it, we know it, the whole world knows it!  We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to team up with Play-Asia once again to offer fans all across the WORLD a chance to win one of three awesome TEKKEN 6 prize packages!  Click below for the full details and rules!

SDTEKKEN &  Play-Asia Present the TEKKEN 6 Launch Contest!

Enter for your chance to win one of the following TEKKEN 6 prize packages!

SO SDTEKKEN… How can you win all this?!  Easy!  Read below!

Step 1 = Be a TEKKEN fan.

Step 2 = Send an email to CONTEST@SDTEKKEN.COM telling us why you love SDTEKKEN & TEKKEN 6!  Please also include the following:


Full Name
Email Address
Mailing Address (Include country as well!)
Why do you love SDTEKKEN & TEKKEN 6?

Multiple entries/emails will be disqualified from entering the contest.

Step 3 = Three (3) winners will be chosen at random at the end of the day on Oct. 27th!



2. Eligibility: Entrant must be 18 years of age or have written parental permission. Contest is open to all worldwide fans (Limited to allowed global area where Play-Asia can ship).   SD TEKKEN contest judges and immediate family (defined as parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandparents) of each such members, and all those with whom such members are domiciled, are NOT eligible.

3. Timing: Contest begins at 12:00:01 a.m. PST on October 20, 2009, and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. PST on October 27, 2009.

4. How to Enter: Submit required contact information and the reason why you love SDTEKKEN/TEKKEN 6 to CONTEST@SDTEKKEN.COM. Winners will be chosen at random under discretion of SDTEKKEN and contacted using the email address provided when entry was sent.  Multiple entries  will forfeit entry into the contest and be disqualified from future contests.

5. Judging Criteria: Each entrant selected as a potential winner must comply with all terms and conditions set forth in these Official Rules, and winning is contingent upon fulfilling all such requirements. The prize winners will be selected pending review by SD TEKKEN. The contest will take place under the supervision of MarkMan, Ace R., and n8nmonster of SD TEKKEN with cooperation from F. Gruber of Play-Asia, Inc. Participants agree to be bound by these rules and the decision of the judges, whose decisions are final. Potential winners will be notified by e-mail and website posting by Oct. 29, 2009. If a potential winner cannot be contacted and does not reply with appropriate affidavit and contact information within fourteen (14) days after the first attempt to contact such potential winner, an alternate entrant will be selected in his or her place from all entries received.

6. Prizes: See above for featured prizes. More prizes may be added later, so please check back often.


85 thoughts on “CONTEST: SDTEKKEN And Play-Asia Celebrate TEKKEN 6!

    1. You know! We didn’t even announce our crazy news for the week!

      Some of it leaked (what you posted about on TZ), but hey man, we got TONS more to share/help the community with.

  1. am i looking at this right.. as i am from a different country time is of the essence to me and im also timing my contest entry.. the reply MarkMan just did.. marks the start of this contest right?

  2. WoW!

    Greetings from Norway! You have a lot of Tekken and SDTekken fans here in the cold North as well!

    Great initiative! I am going to enter:-)

    Also, I have some questions about fighting sticks in general. Where can I post that?

  3. Thanks for setting this up MM!

    By the way, the podcast was excellent and informative! I’ve forwarded it to multiple friends that have shown interest lately in Tekken :)

    Anyways, lookin’ forward to the next episode and thanks again for all the hard work!

      1. theres a problem with that though.. what if 2 or all 3 of them own ps3.. 2/3 sticks are for xbox… what happens then?

      2. have you got both xbox and ps3 stick bundles or something?.. i cant imagine buying 4 sticks (was it? or stick bundles?) like what you said in the podcast..

      3. I actually preordered 6 of them :x

        4 at GameStop and 2 at Amazon lol.

        But, well. Let me explain, and no one jump at me weird.

        I have 4 PS3s and 4 Xbox 360s. Make sense?

      4. wow 8 consoles in total.. and exactly what do you plan on doing with the rest of the 6 that are not being used? its just being put in display.. that would be cool as!

        but 6! i’ll give you props for that MarkMan..

  4. Hi Markman!

    Greetings from Norway! SDTekken is a very popular site here in Norway among some hardcore Tekkies!

    Thanks for setting up this great contest!

    (I can’t believe people are already bitching about why the prizes are 2/3 X360 and not PS3 and what will happen if people with different console wins.. etc etc.)

    Come on, you guys! This is a great thing from SDTEKKEN, stop the crazy questions and just be thankful for this opportunity!

    Well, on to my question:

    Because og TEKKEN 6m I want a new fighting stick. I don’t want to mod or something.

    I was wondering which stick you recommend for me most:

    1. MadCatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition or

    2. Hori Real Arcade PRO 3 SA?

    I have a PS3 and I can get both sticks brand new. Money is not an issue, I want the best stick available. Both products use Sanwa parts on the stick and on the buttons so I am not sure which one is the best for me.

    I think I would like a heavy stick with good build-quality and that also has a lot of space to rest your hands and writs on.

    By the way, what are your thoughts about the wireless stick by Hori that is bundling up with Tekken 6? Do you reccomend that one? It’s the only wireless stick I’ve ever heard about. But I’m almost positive that they won’t use Sanwa og Seimitsu parts. (I bet you that stick will be a wireless Hori Fighting stick 3 or something.. because of the price.)

    Thanks for your time and effort in advance if you answer!

    1. i dont mean to bitch about 2/3 sticks etc. etc.. im just pointing out a flaw in this contest.. if i had an xbox then i wouldnt complain.. hypothetically putting if i won, i would choose the ps3..

      but the next person who gets contacted to choose the prize wants the ps3 prize as well.. that person misses out… kind sucks for them they are going to have to pick one of the xbox prizes..

      which either forces them to buy an xbox or they just put it for display (something i would not want to do with that prize pack)

    2. get the hrap3 sa since it is backward compatible with ps2 games. but if you dont care about that get the sf4 te stick if you dont plan on using it on any other fighter.

      they say the bundled stick is decent but def not arcade-quality.

      1. So MarkMan, you have a PS3 and 360 for each room in your house or something? Or are the extra ones for backup or to take on the road or maybe for tournaments?
        I’m just asking…

  5. Why are people complaining?? lol
    It’s a contest with no entrance free.
    and the winners will get the sticks for free. :D

    If you don’t like it.. you can sell it to a friend I guess.. And then, save that money to buy the joystick for your console. :)

  6. First: If somebody has an opinion it is not by any necessity a complain. Second: selling your prize is not the purpose of this contest. That is why I have a suggestion to MarkMan and the team:

    In my opinion the best way to sort the prizes out is to divide the contestants (is this a realy word?) by their console. Right now a few thousand is competiting for 3 sticks. 95% of this few thousand are PS3 users (due Tekken was exclusive on PS3 till T6). So there is a very big chance that 2 PS3 users will win the Xbox stick, which is unfair against the Xbox users I guess. And there is a slightly chance that an Xbox user will win the PS3 stick what most of the contestants aimed for. That is not really good I guess and not really fair. In my opinion you should divide the group and make separate random winners from each grp. With this method everybody will get the type of stick that he can play with, and more importantly this is only prevent PS3 users to get Xbox sticks, and Xbox users to get the PS3 stick. This method don’t lower winning chances to the stick you can actually use.

    In my opinion winning the stick over somebody who can use it and sold it over is not the purpose of this race and it should not be.

    And thanks for this generous offer, I really think all of the fans appriciate it.

      1. Cry moar kid – you’re just a needy childish fanboy. You fail to amuse me.

        Try harder, ‘kay?

  7. That’s cool i like the contest keep it coming MarkMan.Also MarkMan you got your hands full switching back and fourth both systems,will you be playing online alot.

    1. you egg… it comes out nov 1 actually and im also from new zealand… if you live in auckland like i do.. go to ebgames and ask yourself…

      and i thought you wouldve known when it comes out since youre from nz

      1. well you can get yours on 5th of nov

        ill be getting mine on sunday nov 1

        who says? the indian manager whatever from ebgames.. the actual manager of ebgames who wears the glasses also told.. and the new guy who seems to work at ebgames also told me nov 1..

      2. the new guy who works there also told me that they push the date back not forward… if it gets pushed forward im going to get pissed off!!

        waiting for over a week longer than everyone else is gay!!!

      3. Yeah well I’ll go in and ask at the EB on Queen St tomorrow…If it does actually come out on the 1st, I’ll probably dance in the store. If it’s still the 5th, I’ll punch a baby. But yeah, it is really retarded how we have to wait after everyone else :(

      4. ill ask in gfield.. the guy told me that they might push it forward to 29th but thats not really going to happen

      1. thats a friday! well at least its a friday.. but still!!! thats NEARLY 2 weeks wait…

        wtf?! ebgames come on! show me tekken already dammit… i went to the ebgames in gfield and the guy offered me a 15% discount…

        i just scored myself an extra $51 !!! i can save that money for my 2p joystick.. hahaha!

      2. well im just in the north shore.. actually in gfield to be exact.. i ordered in ebgames gfield in westfield mall.. and now lev tells me its on the 6th.

        kinda ruined my mood of saving myself $51

        why 6th!!!!!!

      3. exactly what year are you…im guessing you’re still in high school..

        im still 7th form.. damn hell last year of high school for me… cheeeaa!

      4. nice nice.. what school you go to oi?

        we should play one time… are you a city player… if you are ill get my ass whooped


      5. I’m from Auckland. Dropped out of school last month (7th form) and started a course in town. I haven’t spent too much time on T6 yet, the guys that play at Yifans are fuckin’ crazy and I’m not used to using stick, so I’m still practicing on DR

      6. @lev… if im in the city im playing at timezone drop by and come see my miguel or alisa..

        @heartless… thought youre from auckland damn!.. i guess ill see you online then..

        do any of you 2 know a guy by the name kyle aka dkyo? … he a mad dvj player both on tk5dr and tk6br

      7. @heartless yeah ill add you as soon my broadband limit comes back up LOL !

        atm its slow as.. too much youtube and other shizzz

      1. if you look up a bit. you’ll see one of my comments i asked a question along those lines of what you’re asking right now.. and MarkMan has already answered that for us

  8. ok i just looked at the ebgames site and it says 5/11/2009… but thats only for the game

    not the stick bundle for ps3…

  9. Wonderful prize selection here! Thanks Markman.

    But the sad, hard truth is that many of the true hardcore fans of the series already have the game pre-ordered for their respective system on the 27th (release-day shipping via amazon, local pickup, midnight release…)

    I myself have already ordered a PS3 copy, but was tight financially for a stick. So this would be a great opportunity.

    Since the contest has already started, I would suggest that the people who already pre-ordered and win a copy of the game, simply return it to your nearest Walmart (no receipt required) for a full refund. This will offset the cost of the game you purchased and enjoy the benefits of winning this game.

    Now as for sticks, I guess its just a luck of the draw. Any suggestions on good converters?

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