ULTRAJUMPEGG has put up the fourth volume of their ongoing TEKKEN COMIC! Check it out after clicking below!

*NOTE: Don’t forget to allow pop-ups in order to view the comic from the site, and clicking on the American flag to view the comic in English.


27 thoughts on “TEKKEN MANGA VOL.4!

  1. @ Blind Ghost

    To post a comment just to say you’re the first one to do so. At 11:17pm at that, damn! Don’t you have anything better to do?! On a Saturday night?!

    Where I am, it’s 2:40am, I just came home after an outing with friends and I’m browsing around SDT because I’m a fan of Tekken. I’m not here to bust your balls but being the first to comment isn’t that big a deal.

      1. Funny as may be, I didn’t write this lol – good to know that actually exists people who tries put the hoe on his place.

        Blind Ghost is such a scrub. I pity you, hoe. Really.


    “He’s setting his center of gravity on the hind foot”

    LEO is a Dude, I Knew IT!!!!

    1. In japanese you don’t refer to people by gender specific things like “it’s hers” or “it’s him”, with just a word you can point out someone without being gender specific (which is the most normal case, speaking wise). So in japanese Asuka still keeps the ambiguity.

      It’s true that Harada “hinted” that Leo might be a girl prior to the game release (and notice, HINTED, not said). But the official character guide hints Leo as a male… So yeah, even official sources keep the mystery in the dark.

  3. Or maybe she’s totally wrong. Why does everyone have such a problem with leaving Leo gender-ambiguous. Do you really give that much of a shit about it?

    1. Everyone remember that this story does not follow the same story line as the games. Example: King the 1st is still alive. So in the game Leo is a girl ( As BlindGhost said Harada said it himself. ) but in this manga Leo is a boy.

      Anyways with that said…

      1 round Bruce….really? VenoM362 is not a fan of Bruce in fact he’s on my shitlist but I thought he would put up a better fight against that joke Bob. VenoM362 is a fan of Miguel and he will beat Bob to a bloody pile of jello.

      I HATE BOB………I’m just saying…

  4. The only other option translators would have the keep Leo ambiguous (which may not be in this version of the story) would be to say “They” or “Leo” which would get rather repetitive.

    As for the story, am I the only one who notices that the artist seems to be the same one as who did “Cynthia The Mission”?

    (I’ve yet to see the “Look, a Flying Mummy Cat!” anywhere else, and the style is very similar)

  5. TCO where are ya man, me and VENOM been setting up rooms without you dawg.

    yesterday we were arguing wiht this guy about whats better SFIV or TEKKEN.

    obviously the answer is know to everyone. but it was just fun talking abut that kinda shit.

    cmon on dude, bring yo tostitos.

  6. A man WTF really my boy BRUCE gets his ass kicked by fat ass BOB that’s bulls*it. Bruce would beat the s*it out of BOB F*ck BOB. What’s up Blind Ghost i had to get that off my chest been gone for a week i been on vacation,but i’m back so let the ass kicking begin again lol.

  7. OMG!! All that I see is ep 4 and 1
    They took 2 and 3, please tell me that someone downloaded these…

    I don’t mind if it’s in Japanese

  8. Oh, and about missing chapters :
    Ultra jump is the page of the publisher, not an scanlation site…. So, they don’t upload every chapter, they just upload the chapters that they feel like uploading.

    If the series gets collected on a tankoubon, we might be able to get the raws for it again, but they would lack translation

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