ULTRAJUMPEGG has put up the sixth volume of their ongoing TEKKEN COMIC! Check it out after clicking below!

*NOTE: Don’t forget to allow pop-ups in order to view the comic from the site, and clicking on the American flag to view the comic in English.


21 thoughts on “TEKKEN MANGA VOL.6!

      1. When they were in the car driving away from alisa.Lili grabbed asuka’s breasts.

        PLUS in one of the older volumes asuka awoke to lili sleeping naked in her bed beside her.

        Come on they portrayed her as a lesbian in this manga!

      2. I think that’s more of Lilis lack of social skills and overabundance of energy kicking in…

        When you’re practically home alone all the time… Sleeping in the nude isn’t exactly an issue… and Asuka DID say pinch her… she didn’t say where…

  1. Finally bringing more chracters in, and more on Alisa’s background. VenoM362 wants to see more Mishimas, Raven and Hwoarang. Lili got a handfull of them DD’s!

    1. How was tekken 6 watered down when the ps3 version takes up 20gbs on the disc?!

      The ps3 version has uncompressed audios and visuals.The 360 version is compressed into that little DVD9.

  2. Flying cat mummy again… *nod nod* (Cynthia artist definitely)

    I honestly could see like… all the characters so far acting like this… and would be hilarious to see them act like this in HD3D o 3o

    Alisa = Happy-go-lucky KOS-MOS

    Comics ends practically where T6BR begins in scenario (Since ironically there was no freakin tourney in the real story mode)

    1. Well, that site (the official site for the web comic) seems to upload only so many chapters at the time, and take downs anything that exceed their quota, leaving only the first one as a permanent link.

      But we could always get on stores the first volume, available in march 19.

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