Namco Bandai Games Hosts TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL!

Tokyo, Japan. March 7, 2010. The KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT. TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL! Some of the world’s most skilled TEKKEN players will gather, along with 16 of the top placers from around the world… All to crown the Global TEKKEN 6 Champion! Click below for all the details and stay tuned to SDTEKKEN.COM for some HUGE TEKKEN related announcements regarding THIS event!


NAMCO BANDAI Games will host a premier championship gaming tournament for TEKKEN 6, the latest installment of the top-selling fighting video game franchise which has shipped more than 2.5 million units worldwide since its Oct. 27, 2009 launch for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. After months of no-holds-barred worldwide tournaments, the best of the best have emerged and the world’s top TEKKEN 6 players – including four from the North American championship – will go head-to-head, competing for thousands of dollars worth in prizes, and ultimate bragging rights at the TEKKEN 6 Global Championship Finals in Tokyo, Japan.


* Top 16 TEKKEN 6 players from around the world to compete in respective PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360 championships (Four representatives from: Japan, Asia, PAL territory, and North America)

* Katsuhiro Harada, TEKKEN 6 project director/producer, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Sunday, March 7, 2010 (local Japan time)

Tokyo International Forum Hall B7, 5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-0005, Japan

Please RSVP for media coverage to

With an illustrious 14-year legacy, Tekken is among the most popular and well-known gaming brands in the world with the entire franchise selling more than 37 million units to date. TEKKEN 6 is the latest installment to the blockbuster fighting franchise and is jam-packed with robust features as well as edge-of-your-seat action. New online and offline gameplay modes, stunning visuals, a rich customization feature, and the largest character roster in the series’ history, round out this stylish fighter. To further enhance a player’s online gameplay experience, two free updates are now available for their respective consoles. For more information on TEKKEN 6, please visit:

Official Rules:

TEKKEN®6 Global Championship Final – Rules and Regulations
By entering the Namco Bandai Games’ TEKKEN®6 Global Championship Final you acknowledge the following terms and conditions and agree to adhere to these rules:
• TEKKEN®6 Global Championship Final (“Championship”) will be held at Tokyo International Forum in
Tokyo, Japan and will be played using the retail edition of TEKKEN 6 on PlayStation 3 and XBOX360.
• The Global Championship Final will be fought by 8 people in total on both PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360:
2winners from the Japan, 2winners from North America, 2winners from PAL regions and 2winners from
Asian region (excluding Japan).
• The final retail-edition will allow participants to configure buttons to their preferred settings prior to each
match (but cannot be altered once a match has begun).
• All participants at the Championship may choose to play rounds on their own pad or controller if
preferred, but agree that all equipment will be subject to inspection by Namco Bandai Games staff prior
participation, also participants may not use programmable controllers such as “Elecom JC-AS01BK Arcade
Stick”. (
• All of the participants need to select only 1 playable character at the reception, and to fight through all of
the Matches of this tournament with the selected character. It is NOT possible to change the character at all.
• All Participants are responsible for their own equipment and personal belongings, and neither Namco
Bandai Games nor Tokyo International Forum will be liable for any loss or damage to them.

• Championship will be a double elimination tournament. (Please refer the details at following URL.)
・When the participants lose two matches, at that time they are considered out of the game even if
the other participants forfeit the tournament.

Participants will proceed upon winning Matches.
• Each Match of the tournament will be played to a best of three Fights (First to reach two victories).
・When the number of Rounds gained in 1 Fight is 2 wins, 2 loses, 1 tie, an extra round (1 Round)
would be held and the winner of that Round gains 1 Fight.
• Each Fight will be set to a best of five Rounds. (First to reach three K.O.s).
• Each Round will be 60 seconds.
• By entering the tournament all participants accept the decision of Namco Bandai Staff as to their placement
within tournament starting positions.
• Your name and entry number will be clearly announced prior to each Match. It is the participants own
responsibility to listen for his/her name.
• Once called, a participant must make their way to the Tournament stage and take their seat ready at the
tournament main event console.
• Once called, a participant will have 1 minute to get to their position to begin their Match. It is your
responsibility to reach the sampling unit in time and Namco Bandai Games Staff will not leave the
tournament unit to look for fighters.
• Namco Bandai Games Staff reserve the right to forfeit the Match should participants not present
themselves at the sampling unit after their name is called, regardless of any mitigating circumstances.
• Namco Bandai Games staff cannot guarantee any participants a Player 1 or Player 2 controller position and
participants accept the playing position assigned to you by tournament officials. The participant that has a
smaller entry number would have the Player 1 controller position.
• You will be allowed time to configure your control style at the demo station prior to your Match – It is
your responsibility to make sure this is button configuration is correct and you will NOT be allowed to
reconfigure once a Match has begun without forfeiting the Fight.
• If any Namco Bandai Games’ equipment fails during a Match you must alert a member of staff
• Any failure from Namco Bandai Games’ equipment will result in the affected Round being replayed.
• Any failure from a contestants own equipment during the Grand Finals Event will result in the participant
forfeiting the Fight – It is your own responsibility to ensure your own equipment is in good working order.

• Namco Bandai Games Staff can provide participants with replacement such as PlayStation®3
[DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller] / XBOX360® [HORIPAD EX2-TURBO] controller at the
Championship to use. Should your personally owned equipment fail during a Match, but accept no
responsibility for replacing your damaged equipments.
• You also accept the monitor to be used at this Tournament; Samsung 23 inches monitor (LN23R51B).
• By entering the tournament you accept that Namco Bandai Games Staff reserve the right to award Byes to
further rounds, settle Tie-Breakers and administer Forfeits at their own discretion.
• You also accept that Namco Bandai Games Staff decisions are final and failure to follow their directions
can result in the forfeit of Fights or disqualification from the tournament.
Round Forfeiture
• If a participant presses PAUSE during a Round they will immediately forfeit of the Round, Fight and/or
Match unless sanctioned by a member of Namco Bandai Games Staff.
• Namco Bandai Games Staff will not tolerate excuses attributed to mobile phone rings, itches, sneezes etc.
and their decision is final.
Fight Forfeiture
• If a participant wishes to change the configuration of their controller buttons once a Match has already
begun they must forfeit of the Fight.
Match Forfeiture
• If a contestant cannot be located after his name and entry number has been called he/she will
automatically forfeit the Match.
• Any participant deliberately attempting to sabotage or damage Namco Bandai Games’ equipment to
restart matches will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
• Any persons who attempt to disrupt Matches with verbal or physical abuse of Namco Bandai Games Staff
or tournament competitors will be disqualified from the tournament and may be removed from the venue.
• Refusal to play a Fight or committing any disruptive behavior that can delay the tournament will result in
forfeiture of the Match regardless of contestant tournament standings.
• Participants should select their character within 60 seconds. If not, it will be considered as forfeiting the
• If prohibited actions are found not only during the tournament but also after the tournament, it may result
in forfeiture.

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68 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Games Hosts TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL!

    1. If the memory serves me well, the following 8 players have already qualified:

      Kibia – Malaysia
      JDBC – Korea
      Nin – Korea
      Knee – Korea
      Mr. NAPS – USA
      ChetChetty – USA
      Gen1us – France
      Steve88 – Italy

      and the rest will qualify durin a pre-eliminaries right before the Finals.

  1. this is a tournament that i have been waiting for,a true champion will only emerge when people from all different parts of the world participate, i have feeling that japan wins

  2. “Namco Bandai Games Staff will not tolerate excuses attributed to mobile phone rings, itches, sneezes etc.
    and their decision is final.”

    Damn, they are VERY serious when it comes to gaming. This is why I don’t go on tourneys!!!

    1. Come on, man! The players need to focus, right? And many jackasses try to psyc them out by making silly noises and stuff.. it’s ok to mention this rule, but they rerly implement it. Someone has to make really loud noise before they exclude him.

      Any-hoo… I think some korean guy og some Japanese guy will win. Yuo, Japs are good at this shit, good reactions and stuff. Someone wants to bet? I bet on a japanese guy to be Tekken world champion!

    1. @Robbie

      To call Tekken a button masher, or nearly claiming it to be a button masher is just disrespectful, you don’t see anyone in calling street fighter 4 a spamming game cause you see ken players 24/7 SHORYUKEN!SHORYUKEN! (that actually applies to all shotos), and same for fire balls. Tekken is just as good as street fighter. In fact BETTER, I accept that sf4 has a wider fanbase.But I’ve been playing Tekken for a very long time and, i’ve never been beaten by a “button masher”, maybe some people should actually take the time to learn it cause its a very strategic game. Tekken’s bounce system requires much brain work, and strategy.

      So please do not call games button mashers you’ve yet taken the time to actually play it.For those of you who call games button mashers,of course.

      1. Admit it, when non-gamers can put up a decent fight to non-tournament mid-level players by mashing random buttons, creating random strings of pre-programmed combos, it’s partially a button masher.

        This obviously does not apply to playing against tournament caliber players but you’ll see a much higher success rate of button mashers winning in Tekken, even against decent players, then ‘spammers’ winning in Street Fighter.

  3. Wow, I cant wait for this one =) I love that they are serious about the rules, the gaming should be serious like any other sport, that does not say the players should not have fun while playing though :P

    Also, that should be me travelling to japan to play, how awesome wouldnt that be? ^^ If not to play, just to watch would be fun!

      1. lol. maybe…but I based that matchup off what Di said in his comment up top and Sunchip isnt on his list so…
        Id love to see two good Bryans play eachother…and NAPs Bryan is good…but Knees is better

      2. true… sun chip isnt there… he mightve have been lazy… considering that JDCR is on the list…. but then again he can match sun chip… so can rain… and now holeman can… but still hankuma owns all those other players… except knee xD …

        i agree naps’ bryan is good…. but knees reactions are even better now… since B! is added his combos are more deadlier… he was killer enough in t5dr how much more if knee goes all out in this tournament… hes even with NIN in this tourney…

        i want to see this so bad… i hope korea wins…

    1. i think dats not a good match knee vs mr.naps .. i think even mid level players in korea would beat naps no doubt.. you would really see the difference in the game play in each of the countries.. and i think phil should be one of them..

  4. The list I’ve posted was made using the following results:

    European Championship, 12th December:
    1. Gen1us (Paul) – France
    2. Steve88 (Steve) – Italy
    3. The_Emperor (Jack-6) – Sweden
    4. Wogus (Bob) – Korean, but he was representing The Netherlands as its champion

    North American Championship, 12th December:
    1. ChetChetty (Paul)
    2. Mr. NAPS (Bryan)
    3. Bronson/insanelee (Julia)
    4. Aris (Dragunov)

    Asian Championship (or maybe Korean Championship?), 22nd December:
    1. Nin (Steve)
    2. Knee (Steve, Bryan)
    3/4. Lee Mario (Roger Jr., Marduk), Misty (Eddy)
    (all from South Korea)

    Asian Championship, 24nd December:
    1. JDCR (Bryan) – South Korea
    2. Kiba (Steve) – Malaysia
    3. Shinz (Steve) – Singapour
    4. Xiao Snake (Armor King) – Taywan

    Two best players from each tournament advanced to the Finals.

    1. tsk tsk… how could you say that… did you know hu won the sbo.. japan did , so the word weak is inaproppriate but i think ur ryt n some form because most koreans really dominate the tekken scene..

  5. namco send me a mail about this accepting something :S did anyone else get it? i was playing tekken 6 online and the send me a mail :S

    1. and what expansion is that? the expansion in basically tekken 6 BR… unless you’re talking about something else added to tekken 6 BR in this case nothing really… just a couple of useless patches that wasted bandwith…

  6. if Di is right i find it ironic that no japanese participate in this tourny eventhough they are hosting the world championship

  7. If you take a closed look at my previous entry you’ll realise that there is a place for 8 players left, meaning that those 8 may be the Japanese.

    Yet, I’m not 100% sure about what has been written by me here since there hasn’t been yet official info considering the participant’s list.

    1. The tournament only has 16 players in it. You have already listed 16 players. That doesn’t leave 8 players more to come!

    1. Ha ha ha.. No man, I think they have hot-dog and burgers in Japan! You don’t need that sushi-shit og whatever sea-weed they’re eating over there!

  8. weird… how come they never include EVERYONE in the world at the same time >_>

    it’s quite unfair for 3rd world countries. :0 what happened to the Philippines xD

  9. Man namco is making it this tekken game so frustrating this fuckin error code shit mess wit my ability 2 sign in 2 PSN but i cant play tekken6 period cause of the dumb ass trophy’s can’t load itself fuck i dont even care about trophy’s I just wanna play tekken. Man fuck namco i am done with this fuckin game 1st lame ass online and list of other dumb ass bug an issue’s man I just about had it and I bought the $160 hori bundle this what happens. BTW if u own a slim PS3 UR good 2 bad I bought mines 2 years ago just for tekken thanks namco & sony…….weak

  10. diesel son- its not namcos fault for the bug

    its your ps3 thats where the problem is

    its system clock made conflict with the os clock about leap year

    hence old ps3s like the 60,40,20 gbs have been affected

    they couldnt play online/offline but it only lasted for a day so its already good again ^^

    1. Nothing is on lock, because Japanese best players will join Global Championship FINAL.

      Japan and Korea is pretty even in BR.

  11. Nin (Korea) won the Xbox 360 block defeating a fellow Korean player and JDCR (Korea) won the PS3 block defeating Yuu of Japan…
    Very intense fight from eliminations to the championships!
    Really glad to have attended the event today!

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