2/26 – 3/1: Mad Catz Promo – 20-30% OFF + TE Stick Key Chain!

There will be a special Mad Catz Store promotion (20-30% off fighting game products) going on this weekend! Mad Catz will be live in Southern California at this weekend’s Level|Up Tournament plugging this website promo and showing off some of their new Super Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko VS. Capcom products! Stay tuned to levelup-series.com for more details & if you’re in the Orange County area, come out and visit us on Saturday!

The 20% OFF TVC & TE FightSticks includes the following… CODE = LEVELUP20

  • Tatsunoko VS. Capcom Arcade FightStick for Wii
  • MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for Xbox 360
  • Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition (Round 1) for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
  • Street Fighter IV “Round 2” Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
  • Street Fighter IV “Femme Fatale” Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for Xbox 360 (VERY LIMITED NUMBERS LEFT!)

The 30% OFF product list includes the following… CODE = LEVELUP30

  • Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick (Standard Edition) for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
  • Street Fighter IV FightPad (Round 1) for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
  • Street Fighter IV “Round 2” FightPad for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360


* Offer available to continental US residents only (Sorry International buyers! Plan ahead and see if a US buddy can help you with this deal)!
* Deal not valid for Super Street Fighter IV Products


38 thoughts on “2/26 – 3/1: Mad Catz Promo – 20-30% OFF + TE Stick Key Chain!

  1. cant they create one that doesnt have artwork?

    i want a madcatz stick… but i dont the artwork…

    i want a hori too but………… i like the madcatz for some reason

      1. but its xbox… xC it looks nice… i cant seem to find the ps3 version, i just searched it… i might just get a HORI… in the near future…

      1. What do you think I said at the T6 launch party?

        I love Hori sticks and all that. But aside from the Namco arcade stick (Hori), I prefer/rate the TE stick higher. But that is just MY personal preference.

        And the whole TEKKEN license for making sticks is way too complicated and with the game having already launched, it is not worth making a new stick since the game is already outside of the launch window.

  2. markman i know you support both…

    but IMO you should be working with HORI… your madcatz stick design and all the other bits and pieces of it are amazing… but it represents SF4…

    cant you somehow get permission from HORI to create a stick and have tekken design on it that says madcatz and not HORI? just asking

      1. thats a different question from mine… i didnt ASK him to work at HORI…

        i asked him if he can get permission from HORI to be able to create a tekken design on MADCATZ joystick…

  3. make sticks with tekken pictures on not sf4 baby pictures come on man this is meant to be for tekken i find this stuff really weird in asian countries if a person plays tekken he loves tekken and is committed to it down here its like weird and stupid calling them selfs a tekken site and yet they suk up to another game

  4. then dont call this site with the name tekken please just give it another name the places i have been to when they play tekken they just luv tekken only just please im sorry but if you can just give this site another name please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PS3 Y2K?

    This is not cool Sony, anyone else going through this?
    I hear Tekken can’t be played. I was playing Street Fighter 3, then when I quit I notice I couldn’t log in. I haven’t tried to play a PS3 game today and I’m not until I know more details. Seems to only be the older(fat models). Hearing shit about people losing trophies,themes are corrupted data,PSN games like T5DR can’t be played,can’t even play offline, DA FUCK!? Hope they fix this without any serious aftermath.

  6. Oh Yeah, I hear some people went as far as to totally reset their PS3’s losing all their save data,friends,PSN games,everything they had on it. Because they thought it was just there PS3 or because they called Sony and someone told them to do so before they even knew what was going on.


    I’m just saying…

    1. it was my friends birthday today… so we thought we would bring the ps3 to his house and play some tekken… little did we know that it wouldnt allow us to play…

      error 8001050f is a virus i think? ive heard so many stories and watched videos…

      it occurred last year may 9, 2008 when i read it while searching for it earlier on… but that was fixed easily… this on the other hand is something different…

      some say its a hack made by sony so that we can buy the slim and waste money on some 120GB that might break easier than the original ps3…

      some say to create a new profile to fix it, some backup everything like you said and lose everything… a good thing not all games are affected… but of all games tekken 6…

      my street fighter 4 isnt affected… i havent tried my dante’s inferno yet… sony said – “they’re looking into it” how long is that going to take? a couple of weeks? months? is the virus made by them deliberately as a marketing strategy to buy the slim? or was it some hater who planted it from home?

      damn sony dont look into… fix it now! if what sony says is true that they will send us a new original ps3 if they dont fix it then they better have millions of ps3’s ready in line to send all around the world!

    2. my friend cant even play his FFVII bought on psn… hes getting really pissed off… he cant snyc trophies when you cant even log in to psn

  7. Man namco is making it this tekken game so frustrating this fuckin error code shit mess wit my ability 2 sign in 2 PSN but i cant play tekken6 period cause of the dumb ass trophy’s can’t load itself fuck i dont even care about trophy’s I just wanna play tekken. Man fuck namco i am done with this fuckin game 1st lame ass online and list of other dumb ass bug an issue’s man just about had it and I bought the $160 hori bundle this what happens. BTW if u own a slim PS3 UR good 2 bad I bought mines 2 years ago just for tekken thanks namco & sony…….weak

  8. WTF!!! I want to play my games NOW, but i’m not the only one. They better fix this now before i sit in front of there office indian style waiting not moving until they fix it.

    1. youre going to have to wait for sony… rumor has it that they made the hack themselves just so to force us to buy a shitty slim

      1. I seriously doubt that. Sony is a business, ergo that want the customers support. You really think people are just gonna say “oh well” and bust out $300+ tax for a new system? That would be a good way to turn people off from Sony not make you want their products. Now I’m sure some people are so hooked on games that they would,but the majority will say “fuck you sony, give me my money back before I kill your children!”
        Anyways we just gotta ride this out, so in the mean time VenoM362 will get down on some Street Fighter 3,Alpha 3 and Tekken Tag.

  9. You all…everyone spreading the rumors and heresy…are idiots.

    1. It is not Namco or a specific 3rd Party Company’s fault.

    2. It does not affect everyone who has an older system (My 60gb, which is fine, was purchased over a year before a friend’s wife brought him his, which IS affected.

    3. Best advise someone gave, is to BACK UP IMPORTANT DATA. Anytime something does not work, do that.

    Forgive the insult, but we have to rep the fighting game community as a whole better.This ain’t Gamefaqs or SRK

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