Damagermany Tournament Results

During the last weekend lots of European players gathered in Frankfurt, Germany to participate in the biggest Tekken 6 tournament organised here so far and play face to face against two Korean legends – Nin and Knee. How did these two world-famous players do against European’s best? Click below for the results and additional information.

This tournament was BIG indeed – 160 players, lots of consoles, around 20 hours of Tekken 6 tournament hype! It started around 12 on Saturday and ended right before 8AM GMT +1 on Sunday!

1st – Knee (Bryan) – South Korea
2nd – Nin (Steve) – South Korea
3rd – Link (Bruce) – France
4th – Malekith (Asuka) – The Netherlands
5th – Steve88 (Steve) – Italy
6th Prodigal Son (Kazuya) – UK
T 7th – Gen1us (Paul) – France
T 7th – Tokis (Zafina, Christie) – Poland

The tournament was streamed and since it was so long you can find lots of videos archived at DAMAGERMANY’s ustream.tv channel. There are also interviews with players such as Knee, Ryan Hart and Gen1us with questions provided by the people watching the stream and using the chat.

If you’re interested in detailed results, you can check the list of TOP 64 players and the full Double Elimination brackets.

Keep in mind that some of the top 8 players will soon meet again during the TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL! Stay tuned for the Sunday’s stream brought to you by MarkMan and UFRAGTV!

8 Responses to Damagermany Tournament Results

  1. crazy skip says:

    ownage! not surprised…. south korea is really showing who’s the king…

  2. cappo says:

    no japan?

  3. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    korea kicked ass like usually.

  4. tekkenlover says:

    that was awsome i enjoyed watching the quality of vid could’ve been better but nevertheless it was great to see knee back in action

  5. Ruby says:

    No top players from Japan so free win from Korea.:)

  6. d' executioner says:

    i think mr naps is the best!!!

  7. […] in single and 3 on 3 team tournament. In the Final Round’s single tournament, just like at Damagermany, Nin had won against Knee in the Winners Bracket final but the latter came back from Losers […]

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