Final Round XIII Results

Korean’s trip to a tournament abroad turned out successfully again. Nin and Knee ruled during the weekend and were the best both in single and 3 on 3 team tournament. In the Final Round’s single tournament, just like at Damagermany, Nin had won against Knee in the Winners Bracket final but the latter came back from Losers Bracket, having won against a Bruce player (Pokchop from Atlanta) and defeated the Steve player twice in the Grand Final. For full results check below.

1st – Knee (Bryan) – South Korea
2nd – Nin (Steve) – South Korea
3rd – Porkchop (Bruce) – Atlanta
4th – KOR (Bob) – Texas
T 5th – Bloodhawk (Leo/Hwoarang) – New York
T 5th – NeoX (Lars) – Texas
T 7th – (NYC)Fab (Bob) – New York
T 7th – LingMassacre (Xiaoyu) – New York

1st – TX (NeoX, IceColdEdge, JinKid, FilthyRich, KOR)
2nd – ATL (PokChop, Sim, MeRedATL, RedATL, Clint)
3rd – VA (LingMasscre, Blackula, SMP, Gandido, RyRy)

1st – Team Korea (Nin, Knee, Clint)
2nd – Team NYC (GM, Fab, Realyst)
3rd – Team Cool (jio, Trung, Zero the Shadow)

Special thanks to CodEZ for keeping all of us updated throughout the weekend.


14 Responses to Final Round XIII Results

  1. tekkenlover says:

    congrats to korea speacially to knee and nin but i also whished that some players from japan were invited to this tourny such as yuu who is an awsome feng player and most of us saw his talent several weeks ago during the world tournament in japan.

  2. chemicalRed says:

    Knee in 1st; No surprise.

  3. glenn says:

    how boring obvioulsy those are going to be my results

  4. SolRahlX says:

    It was good to see you there Markman! I felt kind of stupid when I first saw you.

    Me: “Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like Markman?”

    You: “That’s because I am.”

    It was cool that you came all the way from Cali to attend FRXIII. I got to check out the SSFIV sticks that were there at the tournament. I have a reqular TE for the PS3 and I love it.

    It’s a really hard choice between the 360 version of the MadCatz TE-S stick and the Hori VX. What’s the deal with Microsoft making you guys use all the different colored buttons? It makes them look tacky.

  5. Spitfire says:

    yo can we get results on all games and not just tekken? dont be bias like SRK!!!!

  6. Spitfire says:

    i do wanna c what happened 2 NC players in Tekken and 3rd and SF4 and KOF12

  7. glenn says:

    fuk sf

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    man SFI is a joke why is it even t FINAL ROUND that game is so unbalanced.

  9. glenn says:


  10. glenn says:

    i bet nin and knee dont giv two flying craps about sf4 thats why they are the best on tekken

  11. masoftekken says:

    SF is coo… I just think they should have had 2 streams. I mean we had not just any koreans but the best and we didn’t even get to see them play much. Not only that but their was alot of matches I wanted to see that didn’t involve the koreans like Lingmass vs GM. Its all good though. The tourny was hot anyway. Gotta give ups to Codez for his updates at TZ! Also props to MarkMan and Filthy reppin for the West! Filthy held it down in teams.

    P.S. MarkMan, make that Tekken Crash USA really happen!

  12. […] has uploaded a bunch of TEKKEN 6 videos from Final Round XIII which couldn’t be seen via the tournament’s stream, including such matches as Lil Majin […]

  13. 0kills says:

    Pokchop vs GM was crazy.

    new york killer >_>!!!

    anyway, does POKchop post on tekzai or the bruce forums?

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