Japan VS. America Arcade Videos

During the TEKKEN 6 Global Championship Final trip American players had an opportunity to play Bloodline Rebellion against various great Japanese players, including Nobi, Yuu, Hameko and Fukusu. Check out the rest of the entry to see how chetchetty, Mr NAPS, insanelee and aris did in Japan!

chetchetty (Paul) vs. Nobi (Dragunov)

Mr. NAPS (Bryan), insanelee (Bruce) vs. FUKUSU (Lars)

Aris (Dragunov) vs. ThaiCurry (Feng)

Mr. NAPS (Bryan), insanelee (Bruce) vs. Yuu (Feng), Hameko(Lili)

Visit 1187642’s YouTube channel to watch more videos.


31 Responses to Japan VS. America Arcade Videos

  1. schematic says:

    Chet plays the safest most boring Paul I’ve ever seen lol. With that said it wins so meh.

  2. schematic says:

    Why is Napps so good and he looses in Tournaments. He is better than that. In a first to 10 he will 9 times out of 10 win. But when he goes to tourneys he looses. Lame. If I never it was Yuu he was playing against I would think it was someone he would normally beat on a regular basis. He is at least as good as Yuu.

  3. tekkenlover says:


  4. glenn says:

    mr nappers wont even get through deja vu wot you goin on bout

  5. Spikehunter says:

    lol insanelee spammed them lows like crazy XD

  6. VenoM362 says:

    How come Chetty,Insanelee,Naps,or Aris didn’t hit up Final Round XIII? Do they fear Nin and Knee?

    I’m just asking…

    • MochiFunk says:

      Because they were making these videos at the time haha. They were in japan for the global championships.

  7. gbaby says:

    fake ass venom

  8. Aris says:

    I didnt go to final round because i didnt want to spend the money. I fear no man.

  9. tekkenlover says:

    aris u are the man

  10. glenn says:

    aris is excuse person comes out with lame excuses on tournament in japan saying this and that wot a crap head

    • Di says:

      I doubt he needs excuses. He’s been doing very well in tournaments for YEARS now. In 2004 he was the world’s best Soul Calibur 2 player.

  11. Aldrin says:


  12. glenn says:

    forget tournaments in the us im talking about world tournamnets japan korea pakistan china and so on that aris whatever hes called wont stand a chance in my asian countrys

    • Aris says:

      Ive never claimed to be better then any asian country or anything like that. I just hate playing Tekken on lag. Its not that i would have done better without lag, I just dont consider it the tekken when its played under those conditions.

      My goal when traveling to japan wasnt winning. The first prize was a trip around the world. I wasnt interested. I went to play as much tekken as i could and learn as much as i could. I played for 12 hours a day for 3 days and left with 149W and 153L on my dragunov card. Id say thats pretty solid considering I playing some of the best in Japan.

      Also, you are a useless peace of shit and you look pathetic constantly insulting me for no reason.

  13. MarkMan says:

    Any more arguments over pointless stuff will be taken care of. I don’t mind getting rid of comments on here.

  14. Maki says:

    No offense to Aris, but I don’t see anything special in his Dragunov >_>

  15. chemicalRed says:

    Win or lose, Aris, Insanelee, and Chetty did well.. Its Naps I was dissappointed in.. If he were more safe he’d of done better.

  16. markmansdad says:

    aris quit tekken and start going to pie eating contests

  17. tekkenlover says:

    glenn AKA marksmansdad u just changed ur name to insult people here, u were banned by markman earlier about several weeks ago i remember that, u are not from korea or japan , u just wanna insult people and trying to start a psychological war, most people know that, but u are just making fool of urself saying things like that grow the f#@k up

  18. schematic says:

    Why the hate on Aris? you guys are crazy. He is prolly one of the most entertaining and Solid Drags I’ve seen. And I’m not a fan of many. His drag was better than Nobi’s drag. And he plays relatively safe. Even though his panic move qcb 1 gets predictable. People still fall for it. Same with is d 2 then u/f 4 setup. And his u/f 3 to wr1+2. But I’ve learned so much from him just watching how solid he plays. You guys are just hating for no reason. Also he is prolly the best commentator on the streaming vids.

  19. anonymous says:

    Aris and Nobi are my fave Dragunov players simply because they find uses for a lot of Drag’s moves that I haven’t really seen from Korean players (Rain,Holeman) such as the b+4 series, 4,3 , d+1 , f,f+4 , u/b+2 and so on. I like Aris’ b+4,2 juggle ender against the wall into stomp / u/f+3 resplat guessing games and Nobi’s u/f+4, d+4,4 post bound juggle enders xD.

  20. tekkenlover says:

    aris is my faviorite player too not only he is fast but he has technique and knows how to use them , honestly i enjoy watching his matches and seeing him kicking ass

  21. random says:

    aris is a champion. all u rude little shits should show some respect

  22. Steve Gold says:

    I really don’t believe it. I pray Wayne Rooney is not injured for the cup!

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