TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL Montage

During the last weekend’s Global Championship Final… The top 16 players from around the world gathered in Tokyo to find out who is the best worldwide TEKKEN 6 player. Our very own MarkMan attended the event and can be seen in Namco Bandai Games’ video montage of the global final! Click below for the full video!

SOURCE – GameTrailers – Global Championship Final Vignette

15 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL Montage

  1. DrBhup666 says:

    Oh man, I should have been there! I should be one of those 16!
    There, I said it! Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?

  2. Blind Ghost says:

    Yu , man thats guy is my new guy i look up to. one badass japanese player.

  3. Blind Ghost says:

    of course not to mention the badass Korean players, Nin and JDR.

  4. tekkenlover says:

    awsome montage markman i like it

  5. chemicalRed says:

    Nice vid.. Wish I could watch the events again.

  6. glenn says:

    haha my bros came no.1 and it will always be that way hail my country korea i am proud of my country

  7. glenn says:

    im not a soccer fan blindghost sorry bro there has not been a qualifying match for korea as of yet.

  8. Mr. Bubbles says:

    U Talk like you run these forums when your probably the worst player around. Korea is the best at TEKKEN, ya know the game you cant play on the website you infest.

  9. Mr. Bubbles says:

    Dont reply to “Child ghost” Glenn, he just wishes he was better.

  10. […] the TEKKEN 6 Global Championship Final trip American players had an opportunity to play Bloodline Rebellion against various great Japanese […]

  11. pointgetter says:

    will this be help in philippines?

  12. May be you are right.I think it is a good archive.Thank you!

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