Ultimate Tournament XIII Teasers

November 9, 2011

Ultimate Tournament XIII will be remembered for a long time. Why? Well, the reason is quite simple – international guests. The Paris tournament will be featuring one of the best American Tekken 6 players (check the video above). Korea can’t miss the event too so two players from this country will be joining UT XIII. Who is it going to be? Check the rest of the entry for the 2nd teaser revealing their nicknames!

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Latest TTT2 Replays And SDT Site News

October 24, 2011

If you’ve been living under a rock recently, then I’d like to tell you that TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 is out in arcades in Japan & S. Korea! There have been a bunch of videos hitting the net thanks to faithful uploaders. Big thanks go out to everyone that helps push out TEKKEN content to the fans! Here are some of the better sources for TEKKEN videos on YouTube; click the links below!

In SDTEKKEN news. I know we’ve been teasing at it for awhile, but a new site redesign (teaser here) is almost 100% complete. The staff here has been working (sometimes frustratingly) in porting over the site to make the complete change. With the change you’ll see a lot more content and a bigger focus on the fighting game community side of things. So expect a lot more coverage on ALL of the fighting games out there… And of course all things TEKKEN <3 !

GOSU TEKKEN Returns! TTT2 In Korea!

October 20, 2011

TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 was released recently in S. Korea. Our good friend ldmaxi was on hand to record some awesome action, make sure you check the video out above for over an hour of TTT2 madness! Subscribe to ldmaxi on YouTube for more updates in the future!

MadDogJin Playing TTT2

October 18, 2011

We’ve had 2nd Generation MainStreet Ryu, why not MadDogJin then? Enjoy his Bob/Hwoarang (Bob/Bob?) match against FengSam’s Law/Jack team.

Tekken Crash Season 8 Preliminaries

July 15, 2011

Oh snap, is it the 8th season already? Yes, it is! has been busy uploading the latest Tekken Crash videos and here they are. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

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Tekken Crash S7 Royal Rumble

June 18, 2011

Did we say that the 7th season of Tekken Crash was over? Well, it was… but only partially because Royal Rumble was yet to be played. Watch the 94-minute long video packed with even more action from Korea!

Thanks to Paul Andrew Franco for the tip!

Tekken Crash Season 7 Finals

June 7, 2011

After weeks of rivalry the 7th season of Tekken Crash has come to an end. Which team took the first place? Watch the videos to find out!

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Tekken Crash S7 Semi-Finals!

June 3, 2011

The 7th season of Tekken Crash is coming to an end. Watch the semi-finals and find out who will be given a chance to fight for the title in the grand finals!

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New Tekken Crash Season 7 Videos

May 26, 2011

As usual, garyoak99 is doing a great job supporting the community with new Tekken Crash Videos. We owe you a big “THANK YOU”, man! Time to watch some new matches of Korean players. Mamuri!

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Last Week’s Tekken Crash Videos

May 23, 2011

As usual, garyoak99 uploaded a bunch of new Tekken Crash matches. Check the latest videos from the 7th season down below.

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5/17 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Korean Videos

May 18, 2011

Maxi Milian AKA ldmaxi has uploaded videos from yesterday’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 local tests from South Korea. Hungry for a bunch of new matches?

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Tons Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Updates!

May 16, 2011

It’s TTT2 time! jin11 has started posting Tekken Tag Tournament 2 updates at Tekken Zaibatsu including character-specific information. According to people who have been able to test the game so far, the movement is close to TTT/DR!

Moreover, check out the rest of the entry for the very first Korean Tekken Tag Tournament 2 local test videos and follow ldmaxi’s YouTube channel for upcoming matches!

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Tekken Crash S7 Group D

May 12, 2011

Group D of the current season of Tekken Crash is here! Watch videos of Najin Zeus, URR Rollickers, Discordance and SUPERSTAR!

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Latest Tekken Crash Cross Counters

May 7, 2011

Hearts On Fire, Hearts On Fire… Burning, burning with desire… Watch the latest Tekken Crash Season 7 Cross Counter videos packed with some insane Tekken action!

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Tekken Crash S7 Groups A, B And C Videos

May 5, 2011

Check out the videos from the on-going Tekken Crash Season 7. Be sure to watch all the matches, especially those from group A – you will find some highly unexpected results…

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April 5, 2011

Special thanks to our good friend ldmaxi for conducting the SDTEKKEN community interview with DIOXIN! Thanks everyone for submitting their questions! Please look forward to more interviews in the future!

First Batch Of DamagermanY Videos!

March 22, 2011

Check out this batch of videos from last weekend’s DamagermanY! Some casual matches and tournament matches between some of the world’s best TEKKEN players can be found by clicking the source link below:


Tekken Crash S7 Preliminary Videos

March 21, 2011

TekkenCrashS2 has started uploading preliminary matches of Tekken Crash Season 7! Jump to the rest of the entry to watch videos of such players as Dioxin, Malgu and Sunchip!

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MAX DamagermanY Results

March 21, 2011

Asia dominated DamagermanY with 3 players placing top 3. The other guest outside of Europe, FightingGM, placed 5th having lost to European’s best Devil Jin player, Devil Kazuya. Suprisingly the event became a festival of Mishimas because Ryan Hart using Kazuya tied the 5th place with GM. Three Mishima players among best 6 participants? This is rare to see and was a pleasure to watch on the live stream.


1st – JDCR (Devil Jin, Heihachi) [South Korea]
2nd – Hankuma (Leo, Kuma/Panda) [South Korea]
3rd – AO (Alisa) [Japan]
4th – Devil Kazuya (Devil Jin) [Italy]
5/6th – FightingGM (Lee) [USA], Ryan Hart (Kazuya) [UK]

MAX DamagermanY Live Stream!

March 19, 2011

The MAX DamagermanY weekend is here! Players from all around the world are participating in one of the biggest Tekken 6 tournaments’ this year. Will Europe defend Frankfurt? Or maybe someone from either Japan, Korea or USA will get the title of MAX DamagermanY champion? Follow the link below to watch the event live!

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