TTT2: The Return Of Mainstreet Ryu? – UPDATE: It’s MSRyu The 2nd

TekkenReplays has been doing a great job providing some awesome replay action from Japanese arcades since the game came out about a month ago. One of their latest uploads features two very prominent names in the competitive TEKKEN scene. Yuu of NoRespect (Lars & Feng Wei) up against Mainstreet Ryu (Kazuya & Heihachi)… Wait, what?! Mainstreet Ryu!? The retired legend may be back! This is good news for TEKKEN fans. While we await confirmation, don’t miss out on this great display of Mishima skill in TTT2!

EDIT: Mishimastar has confirmed that this is Niidaime Mainstreet Ryu (2nd).


8 thoughts on “TTT2: The Return Of Mainstreet Ryu? – UPDATE: It’s MSRyu The 2nd

  1. awesome vid. i was worried for a moment during the first round there but that raged 2x ewgf combo was very devastating. :O

  2. fuck…i had flashbacks to TTT1 at Mindboggle Arcade in Charlotte, NC 8 yrs ago….str8 whoopass that Mainstreet Ryu feeding him….goddamn it feels good 2 be a Tekken player….for damn near 10 fucking yrs..we been asking for a Tag 2…Namco ignored us and gave us the realistic and horrible 4….then they gave us 5 that set us back to ’97 T3….then came along 6 and we still asking these muthafuckaz where is our fucking Tag 2 at?? they finally deliver and i must say….im glad they waited to deliver a polished sequel….til i get my hands on a arcade cabinet or console release…ima be bussing heads in Tag Online for Mame bitchez!!!!

  3. great video please post more of these videos, cuz finding video of a famous japanese players can be little hard since TTT2 has been released recently

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