Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble Part 2

March 17, 2011

The second bunch of Royal Rumble videos is up, courtesy of garyoak99. How did Rip and Anakin do in Korea? Watch the videos to find out.

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Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble Part 1

March 11, 2011

The long-awaited Tekken Crash S6 Royal Rumble videos are finally up! Watch the first bunch of videos featuring such players as Misty, Tongbal Love, Chanel, Dioxin, Hao and USA’s Fab!

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Anakin Training In South Korea

February 26, 2011

Anakin has already went to South Korea to train before next week’s Tekken Crash Royal Rumble tournament. Want to find out how is he against Koreans? Watch out TekkenCrashS2’s videos at YouTube.

GOSU Tekken 11/02/16

February 18, 2011

Another week, another bunch of Tekken 6 videos recorded by ldmaxi. Enjoy watching the matches.

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Tekken Crash Season 6 Finals!

February 15, 2011

After many long weeks we are finally able to watch grand finals of the sixth season of Tekken Crash! Specialist or Resurrection – which team won? Who took 3rd place? Watch the videos to find out!
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GOSU Tekken 11/02/09

February 11, 2011

New episode of GOSU Tekken is up, meaning that three hours of Tekken videos are waiting for you. Get ready for the next battle!

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Rip Joins Fab And Anakin!

February 9, 2011

It’s official – Rip will join Fab and Anakin in the Tekken Crash Season 6 Royal Rumble competition which will took place on March 5th!


February 3, 2011

It’s time for our third guest! This time we are asking you to help us interview DIOXIN from Korea! Post your questions in the comments down below and check out the rest of the entry for a match between Dioxin and Hao.

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GOSU Tekken 11/02/02

February 3, 2011

ldmaxi has published the latest episode of his GOSU Tekken show! Ready for another 2 hours of Tekken action from Korea? Go!

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Tekken Crash Season 6 Semi-Finals!

February 3, 2011

garyoak99 has uploaded the latest Tekken Crash Season 6 videos! Check out yesterday’s semi-final matches between Najin Specialist, The Gunners, 3 Monsters and Resurrection!

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Indotekken’s Interview With Rain

February 1, 2011

Garlic from the Indonesian community has been working on interviews with various Tekken players from all around the world. Click the link below to read his latest interview with Rain and click here to check out the rest of them.

GOSU Tekken

January 29, 2011

Our friend ldmaxi has started putting up long sets of Korean Tekken 6 matches named GOSU Tekken. You can watch vidoes of top Korean players with top American commentary (Aris, anyone?). If you haven’t seen GOSU Tekken, make sure you get a lot of popcorn because hours of top-level matches are awaiting!

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New TEKKEN CRASH S6 Cross Counter!

January 27, 2011

Our homies at AvoidingThePuddle pointed out a new Cross Counter highlight reel for TEKKEN CRASH S6! Check out all the cocky action from some of S. Korea’s best! Special thanks to garyoak99 for the uploads!

Avoiding the Puddle Episode #15

January 27, 2011

Aris is back with the latest episode of Avoiding the Puddle! This time the podcast features none other than Maxi Milian, also known as ldMaxi, who has been helping the worldwide Tekken community to keep in touch with the South Korean players. Apart from the interview with the Swedish player Aris and MYK talk about age VS. reflexes and more!

Tekken Crash Season 6 Group B

January 27, 2011

Videos from the 2nd phase group B videos are up! Watch all the vidoes in the rest of the entry and subscribe to youtube.com/garyoak to be up-to-date with latest Korean Tekken 6 league videos!

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January 21, 2011

Is everyone enjoying TEKKEN Crash S6? Cause it’s about to get even BETTER! SDTEKKEN is proud to announce that two of America’s finest players, Hoa “x6.Hoa” Luu (AKA Anakin) and Shaun “Fab” Swain will be participating in the TEKKEN Crash S6 Royal Rumble on March 5th! Special thanks to ldmaxi, Nin and everyone at MBC Game for making this possible! Expect full coverage from SDTEKKEN when it happens!

TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group A!

January 19, 2011

TEKKEN Crash continues it’s newest season with the action packed fighting from Group A! Fan favorite team Resurrection (Knee, Tongbal LOVE, and HoleMan) are back and battling against more hot TEKKEN Crash Teams! Thanks garyoak99 for the uploads! Click below to check out the Group A round of matches!

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TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group D!

January 16, 2011

The first phase of Tekken Crash Season 6 has finished. Watch the matches of group D featuring Nstar Challenger, T-Express, Monsters and Untouchable in the rest of the entry.

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Tekken Crash S6 Cross Counter

January 10, 2011

garyoak99 has uploaded the latest episode of Tekken Crash Cross Counter, featuring – as usaual – the most memorable moments of the Tekken Crash tournament matches.

TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group C!

January 5, 2011

New week, new episode of Tekken Crash, new matches available thanks to garyoak99! You can’t miss videos from group C, which is said to be the best group of this season!

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