TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group D!

The first phase of Tekken Crash Season 6 has finished. Watch the matches of group D featuring Nstar Challenger, T-Express, Monsters and Untouchable in the rest of the entry.

4 Responses to TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group D!

  1. Meeu says:

    Dasalgi was a baller in this one

  2. Schematic says:

    That steve player was hilarious lol. Very enjoyable his matches were. BTW is that nina he faced in the winners only practice? if it was it would make sense. Since he won with a good group he prolly wants to win with his friends now.

  3. Forest says:

    I miss the girls with the signs that said what round it was. What happened to them?

    I liked the first highlight video alot! :D I have to say that I skipped through the 2 guys talking about the tournament though, I do not speak Korean so it is all gibberish to me, sorry Nin. 3 Monsters’ Bob is super good, nice combos, use of SS+1+2 at the wall, and f+2,3 for lockdown. The Eddy on 3 Monsters used to be on team Genesis, I remember him. Nice to see another Tekken Lord Nina besides only_practice, who is not in these videos. The Law on team Untouchable looked like he did not care much about what he was doing, much to the chagrin of the Miguel. I felt like the Untouchable Miguel should have won against the T-Express Nina, who was saved by the Cemetery stage’s wall. That wall is so hard to tell what it will do as a wall stun, and the camera angles on the Cemetery stage are so bad. It was a very good choice of stage by the T-Express Champion Ranked Nina.

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