Tekken Crash Season 6 Finals!

After many long weeks we are finally able to watch grand finals of the sixth season of Tekken Crash! Specialist or Resurrection – which team won? Who took 3rd place? Watch the videos to find out!


29 thoughts on “Tekken Crash Season 6 Finals!

  1. Brief stat from all six seasons.
    Most times made to finals: tongbal love (5 times)
    Most times 1st place: holeman (4times)
    Most overall winning: rain

  2. I’m so sick and tired of Lars, Steve, Bryan, Bruce and Bob… you never see people play other characters anymore.

    Tier-whores all over the place! Doesn’t anybody play this game for fun anymore??

    Where are Ling, Julia and Lei and all the other 35 characters?? No Mishimas??

    Tekken’s biggest flaw is that it is too difficult. This frikin’ game is so difficult and ungreatful to spend time in that if you don’t learn every framerate of every single charcter’s 150+ moves you cannot be any good in it, and any 00b will buttonmash you to death even if you spend alot of time on a character and think about what you are doing.

    1. Wow seriously? You’re looking at a competitive show, and while casuals may be “just for fun”, this is not. No Mishimas? Theres a Devil Jin player right there in front of you.

      And you do not need to learn all the frame data of every move in order to beat a button masher. If you are losing to a masher, you probably have no understanding of the game and are rubbish at it.

      1. That’s exactly my point you jackass!

        I have more understanding of the gam ethen the buttonmasher and still he manages to win.

        That’s why this game is too much of a chore in order to be slightly better than a masher.

        Who has the time and will to learn framerates for 40 characters 150+ moves??

        At least SSFIV and MvC3 has 35-ish characters and only 20+ moves so the frames-learning is no problem. THEN you only lose if you are not good in strategy or doing a combo. Here is where the fun and practice come in.

        Tekken is only for people who played previous instalments. A person new to Tekken 6 may never be good.

      2. @DrBhup

        Apparently you can’t read. He said you DO NOT need to know frames on every single move in the game, just know the basics. And if you’re losing to a masher, then you just suck and can’t wrap your head around the basics of how to beat a scrub. But then again it looks like you are one yourself.

  3. I really want rain to get appriciated more for his play he is really good !

    Its so hard to take down the whole team ressurection at its best

    If rain would put some effort in to build a strong team only for the win purpose like ressurection they would probably win to ;)

    Imagine for example Rain, Nin, Hao

    Hope royal rumble bring out the best of all the players

    1. How come Rain’s team isn’t good enough for resurrection? He already managed to beat them this season, too bad it wasn’t the finals…

      Besides Rain said he is always going to team up with hankuma, and imo JDCR is one of the best players in korea overall.

  4. IN MY OPINION…Rain should have stuck with his old character Bruce. Remember that one time he played in Crash with Bruce. He OCV’d teams like it was nothing. He’s probably gonna play Bruce or Miguel during the Rumble like he usually does. Another thing… did World of Warcraft improve Holeman’s skill in Tekken???

    1. One of the reasons he is using steve was to specifically counter knee’s bryan. And well, guess he still has to counter the rest of team Resurrection…

  5. This outcome was a little too predictable for my taste. Nice to see Holeman winning lots of matches again. Go Attack! was so impressive. MVP in my book is Go Attack! It would be nice to see Nin play in one of the teams. He is a great commentator but maybe another one of the players could commentate. I bet Rain could commentate really well. I wonder how much they got for winning TC. I remember only_practice won TC. He had to go back to work. It is apparently because of his job that he missed out on this season’s Tekken Crash. If that is true than the winnings from Tekken Crash must not be enough to live off of.

      1. What are you talking about death match means nothing. In tournaments especially in TC all you have to do is beat the opponent in 1 match. But in a death match you keep playing some times up to 10 some times however can level up first. This shows who is the better player.

        I think holeman is clutch but Rain is better than him overall and same goes with tong bal love. TBL is also clutch in tournaments but if you saw vids of him in death matches he loses to rain and nin.

  6. @Daniel are u serious? yall must didnt watch live streaming of Final Round 13 last yr when Tongbal Love and Rain came 2 da states and Tongbal Love sandbagged on everybody with Law…..and he was beasting Rain’s Bruce though he ultimately lost….what didnt give Tongbal a edge was da lack of punch parries used… look it up

    1. Go to Korea and see for yourself. I was there for a year and got to watch a lot of death matches where the better player always won. Rain raped this guy 15-2 and they bet 20,000 won but when it came down a 3v3 tourny he beat rain 3-2 on rounds.

      I’m not saying tournaments don’t mean anything cause you gotta have the quick decision to know what your doing but in the end it’s the death matches that proves who is the better player.

  7. Both death matches and tournament matches are important. In death matches you need stemina and strategy in long term. In tournaments you need quick judgement and precise skills since even one single mistake is not tolerated. Dont debate on which one is more important. The important thing is not what kind of match it was but who eventually won

  8. Btw what i meant by the youtube link was to show u guys knees steve which is not his main is actually better than rains steve which is his main according to the death match

  9. OMFG go attack took out that team by himself. what a freakin beast. and the grand final was so intense. amazing players, simply amazing. i wish this was subtitled. i really would’ve enjoyed it even more if i understood what they were saying. that was the first time i ever heard any of those players talk accept for rain. rain is so awesome. he was trying so hard. i felt kinda bad after he lost cause he was trying his best to make a come back for his team. you could tell he was disappointed after his loss. anyway good stuff!!!!!!

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