Katushiro Harada has teased pics of the TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade Machine that will be shown at this coming weekend’s AOU SHOW 2011.  See below for all the pics and be sure to follow his twitter for all the latest updates!



  1. I like how they have sensored the bottom half of the pic so they wouldn’t reveal all the characters.

    I think we are up for some serious surprize this weekend! Can’t wait!!

    And I like the new character select screen!

    Plus Lili is looking more sexy than ever!

  2. I’m just happy to see that the character selection is still huge. Makes me more confident that my favorites will still be in the game. I kept going back to the original TTT during the T4 era to get my Anna and Jun fix.

    1. Tekken 4 was a broken stupid piece of shit. Jun can return I don’t mind that at all though. I also want kunitmitsu the Ogres and even Alex back.

      1. FUCK YOU !! i love T4 , in my Opinion Namco never did wrong with any tekkens, every itteration had something diffrent.

        and that includes T4. wanna talk shitty

        —> SC3, SC4 that a way sir !

  3. really excited to see some gameplay of TTT2, hopefully they show more gameplay of new characters like jc,jinpachi and so on

  4. Character in bottom left corner is Combot…… Have seen a slightly cleaner version of that screen and it definiately is him.

    I believe there will be more characters available on the console version(s).

    1. how you know it’s combot, if see you have seen the the more clear pic of character select screen can you provide the link? i really want to see if you have it.

      1. shika you are right, now i saw it thx bro , at first i couldnt see it but after i looked more carefully i realized it, wow so combot is here , thats freaking great, you know i wonder if combot should have its own unique fighting style cause we already have mokujin

  5. All i know for a fact is.. Markman Loves them cheeseburgers.

    LOL , why did i say that, I dont even fucking know , i just havnt messed around with markman in a while.

    but cheer up markaman at least you dont smell like Aris LOL. cause that dude….i mean damn !!

  6. I am totally looking foward for TTT2. I used to love playing TTT when i was really young. brought back memories. I’d love to see jun, ogre/true ogre and devil kazuya back and the graphics looks amazing as well. You’re the best Katsuhiro and Namco!

  7. I can’t wait because they have all these tekken tag 2 screens and I love tekken tag tournament 2 when i was like 7 i loved to play tekken tag 1 now 2 ican’t wait

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