Tekken 6 Lee and Baek CMV By Mad Hittman & Review

“Mad Hittman” has been making videos in Tekken 6 for a while now, he released a great combo video with Lee Chaolan and Baek Doo San combo video titled “It’s yours” with some awesome ideas. Click above to view the video (or any copyright issues click the “Watch YouTube button” to view) and click below for the review.


  • The intro to the video was new and inventive for a combo video, it had a section to show the titles to his previous work.
  • Selections of the video showed “Loading” as a form of transition from intro to combos, very nice!
  • The Lee W! combo at 1:05 (b+2~f, d+4,4,4,4) was pretty cool, showing something new with lee’s d+4,4,4,4 for W! combos on bigs.
  • 1:08 was very unique with 4,u+3 making the opp fly high enough for u/f+3,4 to hit.
  • The Baek combo at 1:34 had a move spam (d/b+3,3~B into FLamingo stance), loved it!
  • There were a lot of cool Stances during the combos such as Lee’s HMS (Hitman Stance) and b+1+2, very flashy.
  • 3:17 was pure awesome, using a Replay for Yoshi’s W! splat with Lee using a W! flip to evade (b,u/b back to the W!), the combo itself was great.
  • 3:33 showed a lot of b+2~f, b+2~f in the combo, always fun to see.
  • At 3:50 was pretty cool with Baek’s u/f+2 B! in a combo.
  • 4:11 is another move spam combo, using Baek’s d/f+3, looks awesome!
  • The music was very fitting to the theme of the video, transitions from clips to combos was also helped with the music.
  • Video quality and editing was superb for a non HD video, great skill in those departments too with some great transitions and effects.


  • There were a big amount of combos on bigs such as Marduk & Kuma, but if it’s a great combo that only works on those opponents then it’s cool.
  • A few combos looked like there could have been extra hits available to continue the combo such as 2:41 and 2:45, but that could be due to the fact that Mad Hittman wanted the combos to be that short for the video.
  • There wasn’t any combo audio in the video, which could lessen the effect of the combo with just the music audio, although the capture card he was using might not have been able to pick up audio then it wasn’t his choice.

Overall it was a fun watch, I hear Mad Hittman will be making a Raven video soon, and there is a big lack of Raven vids out there, so stay tuned!

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