Tekken 6 Bryan Combo Video By The Main Man & Review

Over the past few months TMM (The Main Man) has been releasing videos all over for everyone’s viewing pleasure, releasing his first Bryan combo video with a lot of good stuff. Click above to view the video (Or with Copyright issues click the “Watch on YouTube button to view the video) and click below for the review!


  • The intro was extremely awesome with multiple clips showing his previous work, showing off great editing knowledge.
  • Information about what he used for making his video was also very clever, giving detail to how he makes his videos as well as future projects.
  • The combo at 0:31 was a great starting combo, with W! taunt~b+1 B!  as the camera sides change on the W! with  BT (Back Turned) d+3, WS+3 to finish off.
  • At 1:09 had a cool W! combo with a lot of hits on a semi-big (W! 1,2, f+2,1,4).
  • Combo at 1:12 was cool with 1,4,3,3 spam, pretty slick.
  • There was a lot of cool taunt uses and b+3~f~u cancels during the video, always great to show off the extra stuff Bryan can pull off than other characters.
  • Combos from 1:40 to 2:01 showed some great W! juice, which is Bryan’s speciality!
  • 2:03 was a cool combo from Bryan’s Snake Edge (d/f+3), B! 1 is TMM’s speciality when it combos to combos.
  • 2:26 was perhaps the best non W! combo in the video, with multiple taunts and b+3~f~u cancels in the combo, followed by a taunt powered f,f+2 to finish.
  • The collision combos in the combo video presented massive damage with Bryan’s b+4.
  • The final combo at 2:55 was perhaps the best combo in the video in my opinion, with a ST (Side Turned) powered f,f+2 into d/f+1,1 to pick up for a combo, with some great f,f+3 power!
  • The music was well-fitting to Bryan’s style and the video, giving the combos more power and impact.


  • Although great to see, there were a lot of f,f+2’s in the video, with a lot being powered by a taunt previous to the combo.
  • Surprisingly for a video from TMM, there was a huge amount of W! combos compared to non W! combos, with just 2 combos not using the wall. However all the combos were great with a lot of technical skill involved.
  • The video quality was good but the captured footage was a little blurry with lines through the footage, perhaps this is the captured footage or the outcome from TMM’s video editing software I don’t know. As long as the video is viewable people should be happy, which it is,
  • Unlike previous videos there wasn’t any combo audio, this could however be an editing error or an error on YouTube’s behalf.

This was a great watch and an awesome first Bryan video from TMM! I hope to see more Bryan and combo videos from him in the future, stay tuned for his Amor King video!

3 Responses to Tekken 6 Bryan Combo Video By The Main Man & Review

  1. Nice combo video!! As a Bryan and Kazuya user myself, I enjoy watching combo vids of my fav characters, especially when I see one of my personal combos on the video (1:00 and 1:12). However, there are other combo starters like Fisherman’s Hook, Chopping Elbow and qcb 4 that were not in the vid, it’d be nice to have them. Nonetheless, great job, amazing!!

  2. DevilDS says:

    amazing O_O

  3. The Main Man says:

    What a great review Thomas! Very flattered that you took so much time to dissect my vid in full detail!

    You had some great points, and I completely agree.


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