Tekken Crash Season 6 Semi-Finals!

garyoak99 has uploaded the latest Tekken Crash Season 6 videos! Check out yesterday’s semi-final matches between Najin Specialist, The Gunners, 3 Monsters and Resurrection!


9 thoughts on “Tekken Crash Season 6 Semi-Finals!

  1. to all nay-sayers, very few can do what knee just did against top class players 6-0, and he often does those as compared to others, just sayin

    that’s just beastin!

  2. I hope there will be a snow stage in TTT2.

    Watching that Knee OCV in the last video was so exciting! Go Attack is in my eyes the best Roger Jr. in Korea. I saw Go Attack coughing so much. Is he a smoker? Sick?

    Holeman’s Lars needs work.

    Genius’ Eddy is so dope.

    Tekken Crash girls, where you at?

  3. Wasn’t this the same Knee who got his ass kicked bu Gura’s Lili twice? He lost not one match but two! Now he is playing god-like.

    Makes you wonder why Tekken is so frikin’ random!

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