No Tekken 6 At MLG Pro Circuit 2011

Unfortunately this year’s MLG Pro Circuit will not include Tekken 6. Eventhough it’s sad news we still would like to thank Major League Gaming for last year’s events.


13 thoughts on “No Tekken 6 At MLG Pro Circuit 2011

  1. Had a filling this would happen, especialy with MVC3 coming out.

    Guess it comes down to what people would rather watch.
    Lets face it, if you don’t play Tekken you have no idea whats going on or who the characters are. But we ALL know Street Fighter (pretty sure most of us here grew up playing it). Same thing with Marvel characters, we all watched and read stuff by Marvel as kids. Alots of us still do to this day.

    Atleast thats VeNoM362’s two cent on the situation.

    But we ALL know Tekken is hands down the BEST FIGHTER in the world.

    I’m just saying…

    1. I think its pretty obvious that this has nothing to do with MVC3 coming out or we’d see them announce a replacement fighting game. It also has nothing to do with people NOT knowing Tekken understanding whats going on. Out of all the games last year, most of the people I spoke with said that Tekken was the easiest thing to understand what was going on. Fighting games are just simpler to understand to people WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE WATCHING, hit person, lifebar down. Try comparing that to meter management, ctf, search and destroy, etc.

  2. i am sorry but some people are so stupid to vote for that gay ass crap smash brothers instead of tekken, thats just messed up. there goes half my entertainment for one year

  3. Pweew! Those who vote for SBB are gays
    we all know that tekken is the best fighting game in the world thats all. Why MLG? why

  4. MLG should think twice about the removal of tekken 6 this year. this would be a sad news for tekken fans out there who keep on watching professionals on MLG. AMF!

  5. This is crap. Tekken 6 is played on international level and its the best fighting game present right now, why would MLG exclude such a huge franchise out………………………?

  6. u know what we need dude is to have some sort of mlg for fighting games only that and these competition should play several times each year just like mlg, if say evo can change it’s tactic and be held several times each year in different states it would be beneficial for both evo and fighting game community, I just cant understand why evo doesnt do that

  7. Sad to say but I saw this coming. MLG has tried to do fighting games in the past and it has never worked out. While it was good for the scene, to me Fighting games and MLG just isn’t a good fit.

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