New TTT2 Screens From Harada-san!

Our friends at Avoiding The Puddle relayed some awesome news about new TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 screens from Harada-san! The big boss himself has been posting some new screens from the latest Arcadia Magazine issue. Check them out by clicking below!

7 Responses to New TTT2 Screens From Harada-san!

  1. DrBhup666 says:

    Someone already gave this link in the last article.

    • MarkMan says:

      So? Should that prevent us from posting it?

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Markman LOl, calm down dude, relax buddy, take your street fighter pills.

        * i dont condone the use of street fighter pills nor do i know what the effects of said pills*

        he was just making a statment.

        man you know what i just reaLIZED ?? I DONT COME HERE MUCH OFTEN AS I USE TO….is that a good thing ?? or a bad thing ??

  2. Justin Bieber Sucks says:

    DrBhup666= lol p3wned

  3. Tekkenlover says:

    mark man is 100% right i agree with him completely , also when it comes to TTT2 namco needs to punish cheaters boosters as well, in COD they eliminate tactical insertion in free for all to eliminate boosting, now in other game like warhawk they erase the rank to prevent of cheater for boosting, namco also needs to take a stand against cheating and when someone upload a video that shows someone is boosting/ cheating they should demote their cheating ass back to 1stdan online not only is laggy but leader board is a freaking joke, they need to step up, most of the tekkengod are worthless cheaters, many players cheat tekken god zafina, insane-nikidemos aka ziggyfield, umerkazama, perez-manny and many others fix the lag on TTT2 and demote the rank of people who cheat back to 1stdan

  4. Diesel Son says:

    It sucked that I will never see TEKKEN GOD rank cause they did’nt put an option to play ranked player match or the ability to rank offline on ghost matches cause as bad as the online ranked is it is much better if you play a friend in a private room an if you live in the same state or city online is not that bad.

  5. king_ruckus says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic for TTT 2. Tekken 6 could have been better. We need bigger stages and some tweaking so that “juggle, bound, wall splat, guess what son you’re getting knocked down by a wall…oh snap son I did it again!”, off axis launchers and whiffed low parry punishment don’t happen so much anymore. With two characters, it’ll be so damn easy to juggle people to walls if the stages are too small.

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