GOSU Tekken 11/02/02

ldmaxi has published the latest episode of his GOSU Tekken show! Ready for another 2 hours of Tekken action from Korea? Go!

One Response to GOSU Tekken 11/02/02

  1. Forest says:

    Good matches. Soul Hunter’s Bryan was so boring to watch. Bryan is such a popular character. All of the Bryan players’ styles are starting to look the same to me. On the other hand, Soul Hunter’s Law was fantastic! Binchang’s Bruce looked great, although he did mess up alot of wall combos, which was sometimes painful to watch. Sun Chip’s Bob was good. Bob is another character who is used so much that most Bobs look the same to me now. Hankuma’s Roger looked good. I have seen better Rogers, but his was very good too. Good use of Roger’s lows. I think JDCR did well with what little tools Namco did not nerf from Devil Jin. Namco needs to give DVJ back his counter-hit launch from WS+1,2, and his b+4 needs to hit grounded again. It is no wonder why Ji3moon Ace switched to Bob, a much better character. Rain’s Miguel was great fun to watch.

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