TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group C!

New week, new episode of Tekken Crash, new matches available thanks to garyoak99! You can’t miss videos from group C, which is said to be the best group of this season!

5 Responses to TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group C!

  1. extracheese says:

    Garyoak said they haven’t posted the first part of Group C on the website that posts these matches, so I suggest you guys to wait for it to come out so that you it won’t be spoiled.

  2. Forest says:

    It is so good to hear, “Bamblay, bambolay!!” again. Great Kazuya combos from Crazy. Nin looks good in that outfit with the tie. The players’ outfits look good too. White or black? I like both. Too many low moves from the Marduk on Why Works team. Welcome to the crush system. But in the last video the Marduk on Why Works redeemed himself for sure. Saint’s Ganryu is really disappointing. I remember the OCVs he did awhile back. Nice Asuka combos from his opponent though, not like he lost to a noob. Those last Lili matches were super good.

    Let me just say that I like rage just the way it is. Nothing like a raged random hop kick to liven up a match! Joking.

  3. Schematic says:

    No tekken girls. Just a super sausage fest. bah at least there is some good games.

  4. Meeu says:

    Saint and 200Won’s matches were disappointing. . . expected more from them. Envy’s back. good to see him again on a decent team. it’s been a while.

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