GOSU Tekken 11/02/09

New episode of GOSU Tekken is up, meaning that three hours of Tekken videos are waiting for you. Get ready for the next battle!

8 Responses to GOSU Tekken 11/02/09

  1. DrBhup says:

    Nice commentary by Rip and Aris!

  2. TOMGABSER says:

    Its always a pleasure to watch DJ Vamps Bruce.

  3. yakub says:

    as usual koreans are tekken^^ i have a new TTT2 video showing the latest famitsu screens a must watch for the new systems that have been leaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!height=”390″>

  4. yakub says:

    thank you sir^^

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    Lol did anyone catch the pic of Hei and Lars facepalming the match that was goign on , that shit cracked me up LOL.

  6. yakub says:

    hi there ghost yes i saw hei and lars unliked father son relationship its really funny^^

  7. Pillow says:

    So many TTT2 news, but no update???

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